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This blog is the work of 'Moses Moyo', an independent Zimbabwe-born journalist based in Harare. We regret that it is necessary for him to write under an alias. But given the level of President Mugabe's current crackdown on any opposition, we believe it is a wise precaution.

His work is also published on Zimbabwe Today's parent site The First Post.

Journalists who displease the Zimbabwean government are threatened with being stripped of the ability to work legally. Sunsleey Chamunorwa, the editor of the Financial Gazette, one of the few independent weeklies in Zimbabwe, was barred from his office on March 13.

Repressive laws limit the scope of foreign journalists, too. The BBC has no correspondent in Harare. Nor do many of the London-based newspapers. They must rely on reports from Johannesburg in South Africa, supplemented by local stringers.

Zimbabwe once had a thriving independent press. Today the only daily papers are government-controlled.

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