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Monday, 02 March 2009

A fond farewell!

Why this is the last you'll hear from Moses for a while

As various contributors to this blog have noticed, Moses Moyo has been quiet of late. And regrettably that's not going to change. For the immediate future, and for a variety of reasons, I am hanging up whatever it is writers hang up, and taking a temporary rest that may not be well earned but is certainly well needed.

It's galling to say goodbye. Zimbabwe is surely now at a turning point in its troubled history, and I shall have to watch in silence as the great experiment in power-sharing - or Mugabe's pointless posturing, whichever way you see it - gets underway.

As regular commentators have been keen to point out, Moses Moyo has sometimes got his predictions wrong. But not often, my friends, not often. And this blog has broken a string of exclusive stories, and led the way in telling the world of the violence, corruption, civil breakdown and personal suffering that has characterised our poor country over the past few years.

So I am proud to pay tribute to my contacts, sources and informants. Without their resourcefulness, honesty and courage, Zimbabwe Today would have been dull reading. Thank you, guys. Stay secret, stay safe.

I won't be tempted to draw more conclusions or make more predictions about the situation in Zimbabwe today. But I would like to finish by recycling an ancient story which, in the context of Southern Africa today, makes as much or as little sense as anything else.

There was once a powerful king who called together the wise men and philosophers in his country and told them to compile a book which would contain all the world's wisdom. They went away for a year, and returned with a book which did indeed contain all the world's wisdom.

But the king was too lazy to read it. Instead he told the wise men and philosophers to go away and write one sentence that would contain all the world's wisdom. They came back after a year with that sentence. It read:

"This too shall pass."

But the king wasn't satisfied. He now told the wise men and philosophers to go away and write one word that would sum up all the world's wisdom. And after a year they came back with that one word. It was:



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Thanks for everything so far! Take care!

We are looking for zimbabweans from all walks of life to join the liberation movement that we are putting together. It has become apparent that the only way out of this mass is military action only.We are in the process of asking the American government for combat and logistics training so we go in ready. This operation will be underway within 90 days.We have insider help already.
The price of freedom is high annd we are ready to pay withour lives
If you are interested in joinig this movent, get in touch with with your infor


Mr. Moyo, I've greatly appreciated your efforts, will very much miss your insights and commentary, and will continue to pray for the righteous of Zimbabwe. Lord be willing, I will again see Zim in one year.

Go with God, Sir... and be safe.

Moses,this is a job well done!Your courage is greatly appreciated and most of us will terribly miss Zimbabwe today.You kept the world well informed about the situation in Zimbabwe as acurately as possible.As far as I am concernened, the situation remains the same and Zanu-PF still rules ignoring MDC in GNU.The Zimbabwe solution came with the March elections which Zanu-PF decided to ignore.Go well Moses.

DC and RM,
I've very much appreciated many of your own contributions in the form of comments and insights. Do either of you have a blog or online column where your continued thoughts are available? I'd like to continue to hear from you.

From Florida, God bless & stay well Moses.

Thanks for the blog Moses!

Sorry to see it end, but really thankful for all your honest coverage.

Take care

Macon: my blog is at http://www.thedfiles.co.uk

Although I devote(d) a great deal of time over the last decade and more on Zimbabwe, this is not a site devoted exclusively to Zimbabwe. You (and any friends/other readers of Zimbabwe Today) are however, welcome to visit and comment.

Moses, thanks for your work, hopefully we'll see you back in action when (and if) the struggle resumes for the election in 18 months.

Yes Moses whose name isn't Moses. Thanks for all the propaganda and storytelling, it was a huge help in revealing the thought processes of those trying to keep Zimbabwe in the mess it's in until certain plainly-stated objectives are met.

Seriously, how obvious do you need to make it? The unity government is accomplishing what it set out to do. There has been a measure of capitulation on the part of Zanu-PF with its first pro-business policy shift since the falling out with the IMF in the 90s, and suddenly the funding for this and many other sites is pulled? The EU is in talks through South Africa on opening up foreign investment avenues, the IMF is trying to figure out how to get back into the country... does it really need to be spelled out for people?

This site, like many others, only exists to perpetuate a presence on the internet that other sites can point to as a "source" bolstering the credibility of planned out lies. Now that there's no need for it, the plug is pulled. It's not like I didn't call it in previous comments.

The best kept secret is the one that doesn't exist.

"Critical Reader" who ever you are,you are certainly skilled at producing persuasive arguments, especially ones intended to deceive.
Just explain where the food is going to come from to feed the Zimbabwe population when your predicted economic recovery occurs?

It is just been reported in the press, US President Obama has extended US sanctions against Mugabe and his cronies for another year.

Critical Reader, since you're into defining thought processes, maybe you can explain the thought processes that goes into spinning beatings, abduction, torture, and murder into a legitimate political strategy... or were those reports simply fiction and fantasy by unsavory freedom lovers.

Moses, you are the man! I'm sad to see you go since this saga is by no means over and will get much more complicated and woeful during the parliamentary power struggle, and the moles you've had on the inside are going to be critical to public information. I've often wondered how you have access to all this without being caught by the CIO.

The timing of your departure is a bit suspicious but the tone and consistency of your posts leaves no doubt that you were certainly not a rumour mongerer.

This blog has been priceless in understanding the shenanigans going on Zimbabwe, and I beg you to continue this out of service to your country.

For example, does anyone really believe that Tsvangarai's car crash was really an accident! He's barely been PM for a month and his wife is DEAD for goodnesssake. undesirable high ranking people in Zimabwe have been routinely dying in 'car accidents' for years (sometimes even buried with full honours), this is sinister and a bad omen of things to come. We need someone like yuo to get to the bottom of this.

If we though the political impunity was bad before the unity govt, we're wrong it's going to get a lot worse.

With Mugabe and his henchmen still in control this poor country just lurches from one crisis to the next.

Thanks Moses. Moses I smell a rat have you been included in the inclusive government (GNU)? joke
Thanks Mosi Your effort to inform the people about what was happening in today's zimbabwe will always be appriciated and remembered. I hope you will keep all the articles in your history files.The insight was so good your sources were 85% correct. Your articles were short and straight to the point ooh how i will miss them.
Like what Andrew Bond mentioned in his comment the saga is by no means over, i think you will agree with us, it is indeed not over. I hope you will hang the pen and the paper but not your eyes and ears.
Please dont burn the bridge because you will be needed soon.
Your service will be required it is just a mater of months. Could you please give us the last one on the death of Mrs tsvangirai.
Dc&RM your contribution were not far from the kingdom. Generally on this blog we had a few who lacked what it takes to be a good contributor.

Mr Moyo,

Your stories have been my best line into what's really going on in Zimbabwe. Your reporting has been done in style and you will be missed.

Do you have any recommendations for other similar news sources?

Many thanks

Adam B.

You may find www.zimbabwesituation.com helpful, it daily gathers news from many sources from within and outside Africa and at the same time retains its neutrality.

Moses are you going to write for the Bulawayo paper the zimbabwe agenda of G Moyo`?

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