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Sunday, 08 February 2009

Who gets the perks - and the Mercs?

A Moses Moyo forecast of who will get what in Tsvangirai's partial cabinet

Morgan Tsvangirai has bitten the power-sharing bullet. And now, still staggering under the realisation that he is to be Prime Minister of Mugabe's Zimbabwe - a poisoned chalice if ever there was one - he has to nominate those of his party who will take the MDC share of ministerial appointments in the new administration.

I understand that the situation is still fluid. Not that there aren't enough volunteers for the available cabinet posts. The jobs carry good salaries and the inevitable perks. After years of being beaten up, thrown into jail, and living in fear, the thought of life in smart offices, wearing smart suits, and being driven to and fro in a smart Mercedes, is a tempting one.

Tsvangirai has 13 posts to fill. So far no-one's got anything. But here's my pick of the runners and riders. Place your bets on the following:

Tendai Biti. The party's secretary opposed the agreement with Zanu-PF, and even indicated that he would not be interested in serving in the inclusive government. But power is a strong arguement. And Tsvangirai needs that sharp lawyer;s brain in the inevitable battles with Mugabe's men. Biti could well be our next Minister of Home Affairs.

Tapiwa Mashakada. Mashakada is an economist and as such is expected to be named Minister of Economic Planning. But there's an outside chance he could get the crucially important Finance Ministry.

Fidelis Mhashu.  The veteran educationist is expected to be named Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture.

Elias Mudzuri.  The former mayor of Harare is tipped to get the National Housing and Social Amenities portfolio.

Lucia Matibenga. The veteran trade unionist could be given the Labour portfolio.

Other names in the frame for important posts include MDC policy co-ordinator Eddie Cross, former party treasurer now back in the country Roy Bennett, Eric Matinenga, Douglas Mwonzora, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, Giles Mutsekwa, Jessie Majome, Paurina Mpariwa, and of course the charismatic party spokesman Nelson Chamisa.

My fans will have realised that the name Moses Moyo has so far not been mentioned. But I'm standing by the phone.


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I think the names given to take cabinet posts is fair and well thought out.I hope the MDC part of GNU,will be able to advise the ZANU-PF part of GNU which is corrupt and greedy,that before the expensive MERCS and packs are given,they should prioritise to spend donated/taxpayer money on urgent matters first like;Cholera, Health,
Water&Sanitation,Roads&Transport,Energy and agriculture first.
The GNU ministers should use their old cars till the economy kickstarts.I don't
think ministers in GNU should be given any packs because GNU is a transitional gvt.It is not a democratically elected gvt.GNU
should know that, it is paving the way for a free and fair general elections to choose a democratic government which should take place within 2 years maximum, then,can the ministers in the democratically elected GVT be given mercs
and packs.

Moses Moyo for minister of information :-)

Callistus - you sound like you're an African. But you talk like what Mugabe would call a Western stooge. In Africa its mercs and perks first - people and needs of the country come a distant second after nepotism, cronyism, patronage and several other abuses of power.

I think this is it. Curtains for Zimbabwe. The MDC is going to be sucked into the quagmire of dirty African politics. They might just as well change their name to Movement for Dictatorial Continuity.

It appears Zanu PF conspiracy and the statagem to complete the corruption of the Tsvangirai and the MDC are probably by now at an advanced stage.

As mentioned before, it will be interesting to observe the techniques used by Zanu PF's inner circle to successfully conduct and finalize this exercise.

DC - You should consider trademarking your excellent version of the MDC acronym. I believe we'll be seeing it used a lot in the media over the coming months and years.

So now it begins, no white representation allowed under any circumstances!

MDC's Eddie Cross dropped from appointment to a ministerial post and now MDC's Roy Bennett apprehended and rushed off to Marondera by the ZRP for some cautioning with claps, that is if he is lucky.

Next move on the agenda is awaited with extreme interest.

Appologies, David Coltart has been sworn in as a education minister.

Looking at events of the past few days, I think this GNU is going to be the eventual total collapse of Zimbabwe's governing caucas, it looks like the compromises Mugabe has been forced into have split Zanu PF and undermined loyalties, increasingly he's losing it, and losing control, when the MDC ministers start trying to exercise any control there is going to fireworks, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a coup this year with Mugabe retiring to Hong Kong, the MDC heavy weights locked up and the army in control. I sure hope so, it will 'vindicate' SADCs African solutions policy.

Moses Moyo seems to have gone very quiet? anyway it is interesting to note :

Mugabe’s security chiefs snubbed the inauguration. They include:
Commissioner General, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Augustine Chihuri;
Zimbabwe National Army, Lieutenant General Phillip Sibanda;
Air Force of Zimbabwe, Air Marshal Perence Shiri;
Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Gen. Constantine Chiwenga;
Central Intelligence Organisation Director, Major Gen. (retired) Happyton Bonyongwe;
Commissioner, Zimbabwe Prison Service, Gen. Paradzai Zimondi.

Supporters of Mnangagwa the defence minister make up almost half of Mugabe's cabinet , combining Karanga and Ndebele support from Masvingo, Midlands and Matebeleland provinces.

Obviously tension is mounting.

The Mujuru's attempting to shovel 3.5 tons of gold out to Europe and the Grace and Bob setting up residence in Hong Kong with a diamond cutting business across the border in China, something is definitely in the wind!

OK, so what's next, eh?

What's next indeed. It seems 'our man in Harare' hasn't received any orders on direction lately. Should he continue to back PM Tsvangirai? Should he abandon the MDC entirely for, this one time, choosing to do what's best for Zimbabwe instead of what's best for the people who were funding them?

Until the orders come, I suspect our friend Moses here will be uncommonly speechless.

I for one enjoy the silence.

That's not silence...Zimbabwe has been put on hold! I don't know about Moses, but almost the whole world is listening to 'hold music'. Waiting.

Call for democracy on hold, freedom on hold, justice on hold... who knows how long we'll have to hang on before Zimbabweans 'call' is connected.

I hate to say I told you so, but...

The plug has been pulled. No more need for dear Moses, so no more money going his way.

As for Zimbabwe being on hold, that's a ridiculous statement if ever I've heard one. For the first time in years life in Zim is getting better right across the board. Capital, the lack of which has been the root cause of this country's problems, is finally flowing in. Businesses are falling all over each other trying to get the upper hand in what is sure to develop into a very lucrative market for everything from basic commodities to services to luxury goods.

Watch how quickly foreign firms rush in here over the next 2-6 months. They've been given the green light.

Want a fearless prediction? The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act will be repealed within the next 4 months. If they don't, the US will have cost it's businesses a huge opportunity.

Want another? Moses will suddenly reappear if things between the West and the unity government go sour.

'Critical Reader', has the lack of capital been the root cause of all the problems in Zimbabwe? Really?
You don't think the flight of capital has anything to do with
- breakdown of law and order,
- destruction of agriculture,
- politicisation of the armed forces and police,
- war against the free press,
- bans on the freedom of association and political gatherings,
- torture,
- abductions and disappearances,
- subversion of the justice system,
- threats on foreign diplomats and journalists,
- corruption,
- economic mismanagement?

If you think lack of capital is the ROOT cause, perhaps you need to dig a bit deeper.

Or perhaps you can't face the truth of what you'll find?

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