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February 2009

Sunday, 08 February 2009

Who gets the perks - and the Mercs?

A Moses Moyo forecast of who will get what in Tsvangirai's partial cabinet

Morgan Tsvangirai has bitten the power-sharing bullet. And now, still staggering under the realisation that he is to be Prime Minister of Mugabe's Zimbabwe - a poisoned chalice if ever there was one - he has to nominate those of his party who will take the MDC share of ministerial appointments in the new administration.

I understand that the situation is still fluid. Not that there aren't enough volunteers for the available cabinet posts. The jobs carry good salaries and the inevitable perks. After years of being beaten up, thrown into jail, and living in fear, the thought of life in smart offices, wearing smart suits, and being driven to and fro in a smart Mercedes, is a tempting one.

Tsvangirai has 13 posts to fill. So far no-one's got anything. But here's my pick of the runners and riders. Place your bets on the following:

Tendai Biti. The party's secretary opposed the agreement with Zanu-PF, and even indicated that he would not be interested in serving in the inclusive government. But power is a strong arguement. And Tsvangirai needs that sharp lawyer;s brain in the inevitable battles with Mugabe's men. Biti could well be our next Minister of Home Affairs.

Tapiwa Mashakada. Mashakada is an economist and as such is expected to be named Minister of Economic Planning. But there's an outside chance he could get the crucially important Finance Ministry.

Fidelis Mhashu.  The veteran educationist is expected to be named Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture.

Elias Mudzuri.  The former mayor of Harare is tipped to get the National Housing and Social Amenities portfolio.

Lucia Matibenga. The veteran trade unionist could be given the Labour portfolio.

Other names in the frame for important posts include MDC policy co-ordinator Eddie Cross, former party treasurer now back in the country Roy Bennett, Eric Matinenga, Douglas Mwonzora, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, Giles Mutsekwa, Jessie Majome, Paurina Mpariwa, and of course the charismatic party spokesman Nelson Chamisa.

My fans will have realised that the name Moses Moyo has so far not been mentioned. But I'm standing by the phone.

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