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Monday, 17 November 2008

Zimbabwe troops in action in the Congo

Mugabe sends in the military - and will reap rich rewards

Despite official denials I can confirm today that Zimbabwe soldiers have been sent once again into the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, and are fighting alongside President Joseph Kabila's army against the Rwanda-backed rebels of General Laurent Nkunda.

Sources told me today, Monday, that more than 3,000 of our troops are already in action in Goma, the DRC's volatile eastern province, and many more are expected to be on their way within days.

Kabila is said to have appealed for help from both Zimbabwe and Angola several weeks ago, after his own troops failed to defeat Nkunda and his forces.

Mugabe was quick to respond, for the usual reason - his involvment will be rewarded with choice pickings amongst the Congo mineral deposits, which include diamonds, gold and copper. This trick of exchanging troops for treasure has enriched him and his cohorts in the past, and will do so once again.

This is why, officially, Zimbabwe is not involved in the conflict. Spokesman Bright Matonga told me: "We have nothing to do with the DRC war. The rumours are false We have no interest in it. We have our own problems to deal with."

That last bit is true enough. But three sources within the armed forces confirmed today that the rumours are true.

"We began sending troops early last week," said one. "Previously they had been in training for a month. We expect that we will deploy up to 10,000 troops during the next three months, if the war continues."

Mugabe must hope it will do so. Of course, while it will personally enrich him,the actual cost of the commitment will only further impoverish the country. But what does that matter to our President. Inflation, health care, education, the economy...all these things may pass away. But as someone once said - and Mugabe knows well - diamonds are forever.

And now - a quick follow-up

Further to my earlier posting about the resurgence of PF-Zapu, and the resulting threat of a major split in Zanu-PF, there was a sight for sore eyes outside Magnet Building in our second city of Bulawayo at the end of last week.

The building was once the property of PF-Zapu. Then, when Mugabe enfolded the party into a so-called government of national unity in 1980, it, together with all PF-Zapu holdings, was nationalized. But then, last week, the party took it back.

In doing so they evicted the present occupants. Who were they? None other than officers of our dreaded secret police, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO)

Thus Bulawayo passers-by were treated to the unique sight of government spies being virtually kicked out on the street by PF-Zapu members.

The movement to re-establish PF-Zapu as a political party continues to gain momentum. Watch this space!


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Shocking news about the Zimbabwean troops in the DRC. It would be fascinating to see how much in the way of minerals Zimbabwe is gaining out of this, it must be the only thing keeping the economy going.

The resurgence of PF-Zapu is very interesting. As an Ndebele myself, I can understand the support that they would gain, especially considering the systematic removal of the Ndebele from the government. My only hope is that this doesn't turn the crisis in Zimbabwe into an ethnic one, that is the last thing we need.

By sending them of to the Congo and probably promising a cut of the spoils is certainly a good way of keeping lid on the recent army disaffection.

Most of the conflict in Africa is tribal so the resurgence of PF Zapu is probably an indicator of a future civil war within Zimbabwe.

An ethnic civil war in Zimbabwe is actually overdue, I'm sorry to say. For most of independence, the mainly Shona government has pretty much leached the country to build huge white elephants, skyscrapers and status symbols in Harare.

For more than 20 of the first post-independence years the face of Bulawayo - once the industrial hub of Zimbabwe barely changed. Every decision that could have sparked a revival in Bulawayo or Matebeleland was stymied or sabotaged, from the development of a university (NUST), to the Matebeleland Zambezi Water Project. For much of that time it was only the fact that the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair was fixed in Bulawayo, that kept Bulawayo on the map.

It was so apparent that when I was there, many people openly said "Bulawayo is not part of Zimbabwe - it is a colony of Harare".

All of Zimbabwe has been looted now, - but ZANU-PF and Mugabe's crimes were there for all to see in the 1980s. And nobody held them to task when they murdered tens of thousands. And nobody questioned them when they sucked the wealth out of Matebeleland - not the emasculated ex-ZAPU leaders (who grew fat and rich on the scraps thrown from ZANU-PF's table), and not even one conscientious Shona politician.

Leaderless and rudderless, the Matebele people have endured colonialism from Britain, oppression of UDI, and colonialism from Mashonaland.

The explosive mixture has been in place for nearly 30 years. All that is needed is for a charismatic leader to make the case for independence.

Just to be absolutely clear, I favour a unified Zimbabwe because together Zimbos can achieve alot more than apart. But the sad reality is that unless the Shona people wake up to their complicity in letting Mugabe get away with murder and theft, and make appropriate political concessions, then there is every chance that radical Matebele leaders will take advantage of this.

Maybe this leadership will be a new ZAPU. Maybe it will be more grassroots. I don't know, but there is a great deal of injustice to be corrected - and that is even BEFORE the issues of the last 10 years of ZANU-PF are considered.

Its important to fight the rebels,i am a Ndebele and ex ZNA man.Those people Tutsis have been told that they are superior africans coz of their height and pointed nose by racist america.They have been concientised that if they rule Congo it will be easy for them to take over Southern Africa

check out posting...


Well, as a Zambian, I think we have other more pressing matters to attend to than invading a dying country. Zimbabweans were of the three in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland he last to break out, too slow. Now, if we invade, what would stop our soldiers bringing back chorela and AIDS from those diseased "ruins"? We liberated these sekurus and maigurus and maininis before bu they are the most ungrateful cunts. Remember how they used to treat u during the time our economy was in the doldrums, awful indeed. Now, let them fry in Sekuru Mugabe and Sitoto Mbeki"s hell, maybe they will learn one or two lessons of humility.

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