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Monday, 08 September 2008

Mugabe mobilises for civil war

Military manoeuvres indicate that Zanu-PF is preparing for conflict

With the power-sharing talks between Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change now stalled and showing no signs of progress, Robert Mugabe has moved swiftly to prepare for an armed struggle within Zimbabwe.

A highly-ranked Army commander told me today, Monday: "Civil war is now definitely in prospect. Our officers currently undergoing training in South Africa have been immediatly recalled in mid-course, for what were described as more important military duties.

"I'm also aware that regiments from Imbizo, Mbalabala and Carbone barracks have been placed on high alert. And their training has been re-focused to include much more direct action on the ground."

Another sign of imminent action by Zanu-PF is the size of the military presence on our city streets. Much bigger patrols have been noticed this week in Harare, Bulawayo and other cities, especially towards nightfall.

Meanwhile, as SADC, the grouping of nations in the region, continue to insist that the two parties must reach an agreement through negotiation, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has called for new elections, to be supervised by the international community.

Speaking at a rally this weekend to mark the ninth anniversary of the creation of the MDC, he said the talks had deadlocked over Mugabe's insistence on retaining control over the country's security forces.

And he pointed out that it is these security forces - the police, the army, the militias etc - which Mugabe has always used to brutalise and terrify the people of Zimbabwe.

Many observers now believe that he will use the same forces if and when social order here finally breaks down, and he decides on the violent elimination of the opposition once and for all.


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If the above article is true then some one must answer these questions: War with who?
What does he want to archieve?
Are they going to be rebels or government soldiers?
I choose not to believe the above article.

I'm a Zimbabwean working in Australia and when I read articles like this, I think what am I doing here when my family, friends and home is there? I pray this news is the last of its kind.

I do not think this will be a civil war in the normal sense where half the population battles with the other half, although it may come to that eventually. It will more than likely a fight between the top dogs like Mujuru etc, who will use segments (followers) of the army, police or airforce in the confrontation with other top dogs.

joyce, you if you cud only be down here in matopo, its a heal of a place
a by election is looming here
that mugabe can do anything an the world just watches by
dont rubbish the article at first glance give time ang you will change you stance

reward offered to anyone who will shoot or kill mugabe.

*heroes status
* one million US$

we are a group of zimbabweans in an outside the country under the leadeship of top zanu pf polititians and top military personel with the fear of being purged in case we get know ,hence we offer the reward to everyone.(our junior officers and soldiers it a direct order)

"Liberation movement for zimbabwe"??? What a farce!

Even if you are genuine, who in their right might would want to put Mugabe's head on a platter only for another ZANU-PF clique such as yours to take its place.

No. The only solution for a better Zimbabwe is the total and utter decapitation of ZANU-PF and its leadership. Yes that means you and your backers too.

So unless you and your top ZANU-PF and military bosses are willing to commit suicide don't waste space on this website writing ridiculous rubbish.

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