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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Is Gono a goner?

The new Zimbabwe may be about to claim its first victim

Tomorrow, (Thursday) Gideon Gono, who today is the governor of Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank, may be yesterday's man. His resignation from his role as the mis-manager of the country's economy is confidently expected in the morning.

Gono, a long-time comic favourite of this site, is credited with helping to ruin the finances of Zimbabwe over a period of years, and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has always said it would fire him once it was in government. That day has come.

Earlier this year, MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti, who is tipped to become Minister of Finance in the new power-sharing executive, said: "Gono, not inflation, is the number one enemy of this country.

Observers believe that the prompt removal of Gono from his post will be one of the key indices that western government and donors will use to judge whether the newly-constituted government is genuinely reformed and a fit recipient for aid.

Gono, who is also President Mugabe's personal banker, will probably jump, rather than be pushed. His second term as RBZ governor expires in two months' time, and even someone as incapable of forecasting the future as he has proved to be must surely realise that his time is up.

Sources at the Reserve Bank said that last Thursday, after the agreement between Zanu-PF and the MDC was reached, Gono looked angry and shaken. "He was far from his usual cheerful self," said an aide. "He told us bluntly that he would be leaving soon."

If he goes, observers like me will miss Gideon, for the entertainment he provided with his oafish bumbling.  What we won't miss is the record inflation, the huge unemployment, and the collapse in health, education, banking and agriculture sectors for which he, amongst others, was and is directly responsible.


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Zanu-pf people should learn a lesson from Gono. In my mother lunguage (Chindau)Gono means a male witch (Muroyi wechirume) This guy Gono is a real witch he helped zanu-pf to destroy our beloved country.He rejected the aids orphans but funding the zanu-pf killers. I forgive him but justice must be given a chance on this man.
He is not alone but he will be a good lesson to others.

The words, 'Here today Gono tomorrow' would be very welcome but unfortunately its deadlock and more deadlock.

Also it must be remembered Gono is Mugabe's personal banker.

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