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Friday, 29 August 2008

Vengeance is ours, says Mugabe's man

Zanu-PF threatens retribution for MDC 'harassment'

Zimbabwe security minister Didymus Mutasa stood outside the Harare headquarters of Zanu-PF yesterday, Thursday, and threatened violent revenge for the humiliation that President Mugabe endured both inside and outside parliament this week.

Referring to those Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters who heckled the President when he arrived to open parliament, and to the MPs who jeered during his speech, Mutasa said: "They know what we are capable of doing, and they should not cry foul when we deliver that blow as symbolised by the party's symbol of a fist."

His open call for revenge is an indication of how deeply Mugabe and his Zanu-PF colleagues were hurt by the unprecedented scenes in parliament, when for the first time the President faced open ridicule, and the entire episode was broadcast on national television.

Mutasa told his audience: "It was a painful experience to watch our president, your president, being subjected to that kind of treatment. We know that you were as pained as your leadership and there should be some recourse for that kind of behaviour. We will do all we can to feed you, so you will be strong when you hit back."

He said that Mugabe, who was expected to appear himself but failed to do so, would personally give guidance on the nature and form of the retribution.

"I cannot speak about the things that will be done," he said. "But...what we are working on now is a strategy that can see us revenging for that episode."

The people of Zimbabwe are only too aware of the steps Zanu-PF and its fearsome militia can take. During the run-up to the recent farcical election hundreds of MDC supporters were attacked, beaten, driven from their homes, and murdered.

Observers believe that Mutasa is openly threatening more of the same.


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Mugabe is the southern africa equivalent of the Haitian 'Papa Doc', and the green bombers the equivalent of the Haitian 'Tonton Macoutes' who were also exempt from prosecution.
There are other similarities, Papa Doc was responsible for the deaths of 30 000 people and the exile of thousands more and ruled by terror.
Papa Doc died at the age of 64 yrs, Mugabe is still alive at 84 yrs!

Moses you used to give us inside stories what has happened now? Have they killed all your sources of information or wat? Your standard has gone down.

Below is an article about the Chinese territory of Xinjiang where a separatist movement is attempting to breakaway from China.

However, change the name from Xinjiang to Zimbabwe or the name of any other African state and there is something to think about, especially in relation to the last sentence.

Nicholas Bequelin, a China researcher for Human Rights Watch said the level of government control is already so high that it constitutes "a very broad denial of rights in both regions." He said he does not expect China to let up.
Rather, he expects the government to continue to encourage ethnic Han Chinese to move into the regions, eventually diluting the ethnic components into the Han majority.

"China probably has the most efficient assimilation model in the world," he said. "It's the ultimate solution."

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