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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Mugabe's murderous plan

The next steps in the elimination of the MDC opposition in Zimbabwe

While the laughable "talks" about a peaceful solution to the political crisis stutter on, and while the general level of violence and fear ratchets up across the country, the military junta behind Mugabe move on remorselessly.

At the end of last week the five main Junta leaders - Constantine Chiwenga, Augustine Chihuru, Perrence Shiri, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Paradzai Zimondi - held a secret meeting with their President.

Details of that meeting have been passed on to me by a sympathetic source close to the junta. They reveal a comprehensive plan to, and I quote, "target and eliminate the MDC from the political map of Zimbabwe".

The plan covers all levels of government - cell, ward, district, province and national - and is backed by a general order to the security forces and the militia to increase the every-day level of violence against opposition supporters.

One specific measure is designed to wipe out the victory which the MDC secured in the recent elections, when they achieved a majority of seats in Parliament. This is how it will work.

Successful MDC candidates are to be targeted, attacked and threatened until they retreat into hiding or exile. When they have been absent from Parliament for 21 days their seats can be declared vacant, and a new by-election held. This time round MDC supporters will be cowed into voting for Zanu-PF.

Part of the new plan also takes into consideration the unfavourable stories that independent journalists have been leaking to the western media from inside Zimbabwe. The solution to that problem, the Junta leaders told Mugabe, is a simple one. Death - or the threat of it - to the journalists.

Action against some reporters has already begun, and several have taken steps to protect their families, then gone into hiding. A colleague who worked for the Zimbabwe Independent was recently abducted, beaten, and threatened with death unless he revealed his sources within Zanu-PF. Temporarily freed, he managed to cross the border to comparative safety in South Africa.

Meanwhile, on the international scene, Britain and America are still considering their options following the failure of their optimistic approach to the United Nations Security Council. Britain is now expected to ask the European Union to bring pressure on Zimbabwe.

Somehow I don't believe any action by the EU is going to have our dapper president trembling in his made-to-measure shoes.


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The UN together with the Governments (or rather dictatorships) in China and Russia must be feeling very proud. Mugabe's bum chum Mbeki will be laughing all the way to the (Swiss) Bank. What is it about small men that they feel obliged to prove something?

The story of that once vibrant small country between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers is by no means over yet. The reality of the prevailing wickedness there has flowed way beyond its African borders and is now cascading into the western psyche. Ultimately there will be an overall change of attitude towards Africa, probably to the detriment of the whole continent. No longer will those pictures of endearing wide eyed small black children of yesteryear bring in the huge amounts of overseas aid when it is gradually realized many of the same children have now grown up into robust criminal gun toting adults.

Yes, even in its death throes that small country is have a continuing impact in the world.

Well, what do you know?... and I thought Mugabe was a 'regular' sort of guy. I'm beginning to lose faith in humanity. You'll be telling me next that that nice man Gordon Brown is a bit of a shit. Oh, dear! Oh, dear! What can you believe?

Well hi there Alan Butcher there is no reference to Brown being a ***@ in this log, maybe you have the wrong slot?

a very brilliant work of fiction.the only people who will enjoy it are gordon the loser brown and george bush who actually pay you to write this nonsense and probably a few other brothers who went to school but came out of there without even a clue what they had gone there to do.

I would guess that you don't actually read the Zimbabwean newspapers like the Standard (of course not, they actually print stories that conflict with your evident ZANU-PF bias)


lets try another one, I would also assume that you are not in Zimbabwe and don't get first hand news from there except what the government release as 'official'

If you are going to speak about other people's standards of education then open your eyes and look at what has been happening there ..... this is not beyond the realms of belief, in fact this, knowing how Mugabe has acted since he got into power is exactly the sort of internal terrorism that he would be quite comfortable with. Or maybe try a return to your education, get rid of the chip from your shoulder and the Mugabe sheep attitude, and it might actually change your view of things ..... or do Zimbabwean lives mean that little to you?

hmmmmm interesting.

It seems that there is a bit of a rift showing in ZANU PF over the allocation of government seats, and that the remaining candidates that were originally PF ZAPU are now showing that they are still ZAPU loyal. could be a very interesting development.

Unfortunately boards like this get spammed often by unemployed ZanuPF faithfuls sitting comfortably in London and collecting welfare checks from Britain, and parroting various forms of Mugabe propoganda to try and feel good about themselves.

That is very true, and they are the worst ones, because although they have a basic understanding of a political situation, they also have a western lifestyle to fall back on ..... the main ones I take seriously are the posters I know are either on the ground in Zim, those who have been there at least enough of their lives to know what the real history of the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe switchover, and Zimbabwe since is, and those who have a good knowledge of the political and social situation that has developed since independence.

Again while the talks 'stutter' on, other things are also taking place.

A snipet from 'Africa Confidential'

"As they drag out negotiations with the opposition, the ruling party's acolytes are hiding millions of US dollars in offshore accounts
Leading members of President Robert Mugabe's regime and their business allies are transferring tens of millions of US dollars out of Zimbabwe to safe havens to avoid the threat of tightening sanctions and the possibility of financial scrutiny by a power-sharing government. Almost all of these transactions are illegal under Zimbabwe's foreign exchange laws and Africa Confidential has seen bank documents that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Gideon Gono has violated the monetary rules he claims to enforce."

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