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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Zanu-PF's grim new weapon

How Mugabe's men use poison to torture and kill their victims

The terror campaign being waged by government militia in Zimbabwe has taken on a new dimension - the deliberate application of highly toxic chemicals to the wounds suffered by opposition MDC supporters.

I have evidence that at least seven people, who first suffered severe beatings, had their open wounds sprayed with the dipping chemical Tactik Cattle Spray and the herbicide Paraquat. A nine-year-old girl had Paraquat applied to slashes on her buttocks. The process radically increases pain, and can lead to death.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I saw four victims of this treatment in a private health care centre in Harare run by missionary doctors. All come from Manicaland, where Zanu-PF terror squads are known to be operating. One victim, Tonde Mondiwa, 24, is not expected to survive.

Tonde's arms and legs are covered in blisters, and the skin is peeling off. He told me: "I was beaten up first by the Green Bombers (a Zanu-PF youth militia). Then they poured water mixed with Paraquat on me."

One of the doctors told me: "The cell death in Tonde's skin tissue is rapid, his chance of recovery is now nil." She explained that the chemicals eat through flesh, leaving bones exposed. "This is nothing less than chemical warfare being waged against civilians," she said.

Paraquat is described as a quick-acting, non-selective herbicide, which is poisonous to humans if even a small amount is swallowed or enters the blood stream.

Meanwhile across the country more conventional terror tactics continue to be inflicted on those identified as supporters or activists with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

While Mugabe continues to threaten war and death to those who vote against him, more deaths are being notified. Farai Gamba, an MDC ward organiser in Rusape, was shot dead by militiamen, while the local chairman of a group of independent election monitors has disappeared.

Some militia are making no secret of their crimes. In Buhera South Mugabe's men first murdered MDC supporter Chokuse Muphango, then drove his body through town on a truck, announcing: "We have killed the dog."


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How can we help the victims of torture in Zimbabwe?

For those of us outside of Zimbabwe that watch the events unfold with horror, how can we assist?

Jack, David. Here's how you can help. Set up an international program to raise funds to hire a bunch of mercenaries to assassinate 'no-crisis' Mbeki and possibly the top tier of the ANC hierarchy. Without these thugs covering for Mugabe and Co, and giving them international support, the regime will collapse in weeks.

I support DC.

Interesting solution, but one that would ultimately do more harm than good for quite a lot of sub Equatorial Africa ..... Striking at the ANC, while a very appealing course of action bearing in mind their support for the genocidal Mugabe, would tear Southern Africa apart and do far more damage to the Zimbabwean and South African people than almost anything else.

Now if that were altered slightly from Mbeki and the ANC to Mugabe and ZANU-PF, then we would be looking at an internal situation which Zimbabwe would more than likely be reluctant to show outside their borders.

You're a bunch of nutters. Crawl back into your holes and stay there.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

Add your good voice at:

Though Mugabe and his murderous thugs are deaf to the civilised world, enough voices may pressurise the South African leadership to take a stronger diplomatic stance. South Africa, more than any other country, has the ability to influence the outcome of events in Zimbabwe.

Comprehensive mandatory sancions and non-stop arson on its properties will do the trick if the regime survives again this penalty shoot-out

I have to ask David, who are the nutters?

If it was in reference to the idea of an independent armed response to Mugabe's regime, then tell me this ..... would it then be better to allow Mugabe and ZANU to continue as they are, watching the death toll rise as the country declines into economic and social chaos? Or do you prefer Mbeki's quiet diplomacy (more like absent diplomacy, seeing as he seems to have fallen in behind Mugabe again as he always has before)

Mugabe's regime has been responsible for the murders of tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Zimbabwean people, not just white, not just Matabele, but people from ALL walks of life in Zimbabwe. His men have murdered women and children under orders, they have dehumanised the nation and they have bullied their way into staying in power.

The western nations can't step in, the African nations won't step in, and diplomacy has failed time and time again ..... what options are left to the Zimbabwean people who want to get out of the rut that Mugabe has put them in?

Also David, you have to remember that you're dealing with a very thinly disguised dictator here. How many dictators can you name that have been elected out of office.

The answer (if any at all) will be close to zero ..... they have all been denied power by one of four things:

1: Died in office with no challenge.

2: Military coup, usually successful, but highly unlikely in this case.

3: Civil War (or just basic war in some cases), tricky one because it involves a mix of trained and untrained personnel on both sides.

4: Revolution, usually unsuccessful because you're looking at civilians going up against trained and loyal soldiers.

So in asking the question 'How can I help?' where Zimbabwe is concerned, you are unlikely to get a viable solution that does not involve loss of life, which is technically no worse than the situation as it stands already. But it does hold the possibility of a regime change at the end of the struggle, and that being the case, hope for the rebuilding of the country, for which there are a hell of a lot of us that would be eager to return to help.


mtvU, MTV Networks' college channel, developed the enclosed Public Service Announcement to help raise awareness of the crisis in Zimbabwe as the country approaches a run off vote on June 27th. We hope to mobilize our audience to take action by signing a petition urging leaders to use their power to help stop the violence in Zimbabwe and ensure a free and fair election. Please post the video within your blog to spread the word further and ensure a conversation is occurring around this important issue.


Thank you.

Please contact us with any questions, thoughts or comments you have on Democracy in Zimbabwe

Noopur Agarwal / noopur.agarwal@mtvstaff.com
Stephen Schutzman / Stephen.schutzman@mtvstaff.com

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It seems to me there is a word misspelled; those folks don't live in Manicaland, but in Maniacland. No sane person would apply but poison to an open wound, particularly to that of a child. It's this sort of thing that strengthens calls for foreign intervention. YUKKK!!!!!!!!!!

No-one has ever accused Mugabe or his sheep of being sane Byron, this is the same man that claims to be a devout Roman Catholic, yet during the bush war was party to the murder of missionaries and nuns, who thought nothing of killing the people he claimed he was trying to liberate from the evil colonialists.

This sort of torture is something that has been going on since the early days, but in the current climate of international interest is coming to light in a far more substantial way than before.

International intervention is something that is going to be a long time in coming, because of three things mainly.

1: the charged southern African political climate.

2: the gutless politicos running the UN, AU, SADC as well as the individual countries that comprise them.

3: unlike the Rhodesian era, there is very little Zimbabwe has to offer since Mugabe has run the country into the ground ..... and the 'whats in it for us' attitude of the countries that could actually do something will give them serious pause. Ironically the 2 countries that had the biggest part in screwing up and allowing Mugabe to gain power will be the two countries that do the least when it all comes to a head. The blood of all the Zimbabweans who have died in Mugabes reign is also on the hands of those countries that put him where he is.

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