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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Three farmers meet a terrible fate

Another appalling event shatters the lives of the innocent

This is the story of three farmers, living peacefully in the Kezi rural district, some 70km south west of Zimbabwe's second city, Bulawayo. All three were supporters of Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change. All three are now dead.

Their names were Edward Thsuma, 26, Mchasisi Moyo, 30, and Gift Sibanda, 37. Mr. Moyo and Mr. Sibanda were abducted from their homes, forced into a white Toyota Hilux, and taken into the hills. Their bodies were later found in shallow graves.

Mr. Thsuma was herding his cows with relative, who needs to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. This man survived, with a broken arm and widespread bruising, and is able to describe what happened.

"They found us herding cattle, and said they had spent the past week looking for us. They accused us of selling out the country by voting MDC but living on Zanu-PF land. They attacked us with clubs. I was knocked unconscious. When I woke, they told me that Edward was dead."

No-one has been arrested for the murders. Everyone in Kezi knows who committed them. It was a gang of so-called War Veterans, inspired and financed by Robert Mugabe to wage war on their own people.

As the people of Kezi mourn, the violence continues to spread. The details of the death of Abigail Chiroto, 27, the wife of Emmanuel Chiroto, the new Mayor of Harare, have shocked the world. She was abducted from her home, blindfolded, then so badly beaten that it was difficult to identify her body.

Her murder is an example of a new and dreadful tactic being practiced by Mugabe's militia - the murder of the wives. In the past week the wives of at least three MDC officials have been killed.

While the news of Abigail Chiroto was becoming known, South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki flew in for surprise talks with Mugabe in Bulawayo, and Tsvangirai in Harare. Then he flew home. Perhaps he knows a hopeless situation when he sees one.

There is said to be mounting international pressure on the government to cancel next week's run-off Presidential election, because the possibility of there being anything even remotely fair or free about it is fast disappearing. It is suggested that there might still be some sort of compromise worked out, to provide us with a government of national unity.

But no-one in Kezi rural district will ever forget, or forgive, the murders of Edward Thsuma, Mchasisi Moyo and Gift Sibanda.


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"The details of the death of Abigail Chiroto, 27, the wife of Emmanuel Chiroto, the new Mayor of Harare, have shocked the world."

Indeed the blinkers of the world are coming off bit by bit, it's just a shame that this level of outrage and shock didn't hit during the 1970's when Mugabe led terrorists were murdering civilians of all races, or during the 1980's when the 5th brigade were running riot in Matabeleland, or during the 1990's when the proof of ZANU's corruption and humanitarian crimes was flowing thick and fast, or indeed during the early to mid 2000's when the tinpot Hitler was desperately clinging to power by overtly reverting his troops back to blatant terrorism against the Zimbabwe people.

Of course, most people dismiss it with a quick 'Thank God it's not happening here', but all it takes is one bad apple getting into power anywhere and it could technically go the same way (albeit using different methods depending on the populace) ..... so think of these people not as statistics, but as lives that are no more, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends to someone ..... and consider that but for the grace of God it could be your family or friends.

When you've looked at it this way, then look at ways to act ..... letters to government, put the pressure on for them to act ..... not by sending aid that can be easily subverted, but by taking action ..... whether that action be discussion, a vote in the UN, or publicly denouncing Mugabe and ZANU as the legal leaders of Zimbabwe at every opportunity, ANY action is better than none, and finally some of it may get through ..... not to Mugabe, but to his wavering allies.


mtvU, MTV Networks' college channel, developed the enclosed Public Service Announcement to help raise awareness of the crisis in Zimbabwe as the country approaches a run off vote on June 27th. We hope to mobilize our audience to take action by signing a petition urging leaders to use their power to help stop the violence in Zimbabwe and ensure a free and fair election. Please post the video within your blog to spread the word further and ensure a conversation is occurring around this important issue.


Thank you.

Please contact us with any questions, thoughts or comments you have on Democracy in Zimbabwe

Noopur Agarwal / noopur.agarwal@mtvstaff.com
Stephen Schutzman / Stephen.schutzman@mtvstaff.com

♦ http://Zimbabwe.mtvu.com

This makes me cry!

Such a beautiful land with beautiful people being ripped apart for a desperate despot in his struggle to cling to power regardless of the cost.

People watching the violence from a distance are forgetting one maxim of the Marxist-Leninist that Mugabe and Mbeki follow blindly: the end justifies the means.

So the violence is a means. A means to what? A means to retain power. For Mbeki and Mugabe both, that means the status quo. They talk of a Government of National Unity (GNU) which is itself a means to keep Mugabe in power and eradicate the MDC from the inside of a GNU, much like Nkomo and ZAPU.

The problem for Mbeki and Mugabe is how to force the MDC to accept ANY conditions for a GNU. With the popular vote on the side of the MDC, Mbeki and Mugabe have hatched a plan to orchestrate this violence. Mbeki does not see the situation as 'hopeless' as Moses Moyo implies: it is working beautifully in fact.

With the world (and even Africa) now saying that an election is not going to be free and fair, it means the only logical outcome is a cancellation of the election and a negotiated (but nevertheless forced) settlement in which Tsvangirai can never PROVE that he holds the majority popular vote.

And that is all the violence is for: to force the MDC to negotiate from a position of weakness.

To sum up then, regardless of the violence, regardless of the hopelessness of the election being fair or free, the election MUST GO AHEAD. Please do not give ZANU-PF or the ANC the opportunity to cancel the election: that is what they want.

Of course, there is every chance that the figures will be manipulated, or that the results may not be announced for a month, or never be announced at all. But let's cross that bridge when we come to it.

For now, the plan must be trounce Mugabe at the polls.

The run-off election will go ahead, at least from the MDC side. Tsvangirai has stated publicly that a GNU negotiated before the run off will not be valid in his speech on June 14th.


Michael...the MDC seem to be skating on pretty thin ice...


Hopefully, they'll realise that boycotting the poll will hand Mbeki/Mugabe victory leaving no leverage for themselves.

Ok... it's all over.

If the reports are right, the opposition have just pulled out. Zimbabwe is doomed.

Tsvangirai and the MDC are gutless. There is now no hope for this once beautiful country. :(

I'm really hoping thats not the case, but after reading news reports from various sources, it looks like that is indeed the end of the challenge.

I honestly cannot see a way Zim can be free of Mugabe and ZANU without considerable loss of life and hardship over an extended period, even to the extent of reforming the paramilitary (and terrorist) groups of the 70's (under different leadership of course) and entering into another Bush War situation with the modern day equivalents of ZIPRA and ZANLA going against the Zimbabwean security forces.

Mugabe and ZANU are a cancer, and there is no cure without them being cut out of Zimbabwes body ..... only then can the healing begin.

If you have read my previous posts, you will have seen that I do not condone terrorism, and by definition, freedom fighters are terrorists by nature in more than 80% of cases, but I can see no other way of resolving the situation without having a full scale war involving half of Africa.

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