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Thursday, 22 May 2008

No end to the butchery

At last we learn what happened to Tonderai Ndira

For the Ndira family the agony began a week ago. Tonderai Ndira, an MDC activist was abducted from his Harare home by 10 armed men, and driven away. His family spent seven dreadful days wondering what his fate would be. Now they know. He was murdered.

His body was found, almost by accident, in a hospital mortuary. Opposition activists had gone to the Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare to collect the bodies of two other murdered party members. They found the two corpses. And that of Mr. Ndira.

He had been stabbed more than ten times. His throat was slit. His legs were broken. His head was grossly swollen. Everything indicated severe ill-treatment before death.

The body was originally discovered by passers-by on a farm in Goromonzi. Goromonzi is a notorious area. People call it the Killing Fields. It is where several Central Intelligence Agency torture camps are located.

Two more MDC members were buried on Wednesday at Warren Hills cemetery in Harare. They were Godfrey Kauzani and Cain Nyevhe - both murder victims. I attended the funeral, and watched as proceedings descended into chaos when the mourners were attacked by truckloads of Mugabe's Zanu-PF thugs. Several people were badly injured.

Meanwhile Mazungunye School, in the Buhera West constituency of Masvingo province, was shut down on Wednesday morning when Zanu-PF militia invaded the premises and began beating the teachers.

I could go on. Because the torture and torment, and the murders, go on. Nations all over the world have condemned the Mugabe government for its actions. And nobody does anything to stop it.


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This is sad...jUSTICE will be delivered soon and soon enough

My God. I didn't realize...until very recently, I had NO idea the terrible state Zimbabwe is in. I'm doing a current events report on it for school, and I'm learning just how terrible it's doing. There are so many countries the US news tells me about that are in much better situations. Zimbabwe is rarely even mentioned. Thank you for posting the truth here, not only because it helps my report, but because I now know and can look into how to help stop it.

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