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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

No election until August

Zanu-PF delay the run-off election to give their campaign of terror time to work

Harare, Zimbabwe, Wednesday May 14, 5 pm

Ahead of announcements expected in Zimbabwe's state-run media tomorrow, I can reveal that the date of the much-anticipated Presidential election run-off will be 90 days after May 2, the date of the official announcement of the disputed results.

This means the poll will be in August, and not as expected on May 24. The news comes as a shock to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which had anticipated that, as stated in the Electoral Act, the run-off would take place just 21 days after the official announcement.

My government source tells me that the decision has been taken by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission after its arm was twisted by Mugabe's Joint Operation Command. The Central Intelligence Organsiation has reported that the terror campaign in the countryside, fully reported on this page, has been effective, but more time is needed to ensure a satisfactory run-off result.

The source said: "In 90 days Zanu-PF will make sure the MDC  is dead and buried. The militia will beat everyone into voting for Mugabe."


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What a surprise that is, and of course the SADC will more than likely show their support for this 'solution', hailing it as another victory for Zimbabwe's 'democratic' process.

Instead of sending in 'retired' generals to 'oversee' things, what they ought to be doing is sending serving generals in at the head of armed units ..... fulfilling the role that Mugabe refuses to do ..... to safeguard the population and ensure that the elections are free, fair and legitimate.

Of course Mugabe wouldn't allow that because he knows that he'll lose. He's always been a terrorist and he always will be ..... it's time someone spoke to him in his own language and removed him by force.

I'm ready to throw my hat into the ring. I don't want the West to control anything. I don't care which party rules Zim. I don't care whether the president is named Robert or Morgan. What I do care about is that a bunch of thugs have been commissioned to terrorize a peaceful people opposed to the sitting president and party that lost an election, but isn't interested in the will of a democratic people... and the rest of southern Africa sits by twiddling their thumbs... at most, trying to figure out how to blame the problem on someone beside their beloved "war hero".

If the rest of southern Africa is going to sit by and allow this to happen, they are simply proving themselves to be nothing but racists, unfit to have any part in the world community, and not even worthy of being called decent human beings. The glory of Africa is being flushed down the toilet, and I wonder if it'll ever recover.

Michael, I understand what you mean about Mugabe not just suddenly turning senile and becoming a terrorist to his own people... these are the same tactics he used all along... he's always been barbaric, sadistic, animalistic. His idea of right and wrong is based purely on what's right for Robert. And, this is what southern Africa calls a "HERO"...??? God help you all.

This article should be called 'No election until next year May - if ever'.

Why? because Chinamasa has claimed that the law allows a delay of up to 12 months for 'logistical' reasons. And you can bet that every three months there will be a 'logistical' or other reason to delay for another 3 months.

Some say it is a ploy to buy time to force the MDC into forming a government of unity and this would suit Mugabe just fine because he and Mbeki/SADC will ensure that the MDC is reduced to a bit-part in the new government.

Even if that never happens and the election is still 'on', at the end of a year, they could just call the whole thing off. They might just argue that Mugabe's term runs though to 2010 and the first round was unconstitutional. Or some other legal technicality to bury the election.

And one last point MacPayne. There is no 'glory of Africa'. There never has been unless you're talking about its abundant natural resources. It certainly has nothing to do with ANY of its post-colonial history either as individual states or as a collective continent or region. There is nothing to 'recover'. You can't turn the clock back. The question is what can Africa make of itself from where it is now?

The first thing that needs to go down the drain is African 'solidarity'. If we can lose that as a first step, we may stand a chance. Until then, scum like Mugabe, Kibaki and yes, Mbeki will run the continent and its potential into the ground.