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Monday, 28 April 2008

The victims of the killing squads

How Mugabe's hard men are attempting to eliminate the opposition activists

Many totally innocent and non-political Zimbabweans have fallen victim to the Zanu-PF terror gangs who roam both town and countryside today. But behind the picture of random persecution and death it is possible to isolate many deliberate and targeted attacks. Here are two of them.

Tichanzii Gandanga was the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party's election agent for Harare province, and indeed, with no thanks to Robert Mugabe, he still is. But he can barely stand today, let alone walk. Last Wednesday, at about 6.0 pm, four men arrived suddenly at his central Harare office.

"They told me I knew my crimes, and had to confess," Gandanga told me, from his bed in a private hospital, which I've been asked not to name.

"They blindfolded me, bundled me into a truck, then drove out into the country. Throughout the journey they beat me on the head, on the back, everywhere. They played loud music so no-one could hear me scream."

The men also questioned Gandanga about the whereabouts of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. He couldn't tell them, he didn't know.

Eventually he was dumped in the bush and left for dead. He crawled to a road, and was taken to a nearby village, where the local people nursed him for two days, until he was rescued by relatives who took him to the hospital.

Survival for one victim. Death for another. Tapiwa Mubanda, 54, the organising secretary for the MDC in Hurungwe East, was going back to his village with his wife and family when they were ambushed by a gang of Zanu-PF youth militia.

His wife and children fled into the bush, but Mubanda was beaten to death with rocks.

His wife, now his widow, heard them shouting at Mubanda as they killed him. "You voted for the MDC" they told him. "Tsvangirai will never be president of Zimbabwe. We must teach you how to vote."


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Pure and utter barbarism, there is no other way to describe this behaviour but as
vicious brutal savagery perpetrated via the wickedness of Mugabe and his Zanu PF mafia henchmen.

Not much consolation to those who are being beaten and slaughted at this moment in time but I have included a small poem from sources within Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Drums.
The drums are calling old man, and they are louder by the day.
They are calling you to judgement and now's the time to pay
for the wrongs you've done your country and the trust betrayed.
So hear those drums swelling, hear well and be afraid.

You came to power on waves of hope that you would make your mark,
in a land that shone in Africa like diamonds in the dark.
In simple faith the people put their trust in your care,
and were repaid by the Fifth Brigade and the CIO and fear.
twenty eight years of motorcades and lavish trips abroad
a nations heritage is lost through patronage and fraud.
The Chiefs grow fat while people starve and famine stalks our homes.
On idle farms the weeds grow rank and cover cattle bones.
the youth are taught your slogans but even as they sing
the drums of change are beating for the truth is seeping in.
The demagogue has feet of clay and lies will not sustain
the shattered land that once seemed free and will be so again.
Too late to blame the drought, the Brits, the whites, the MDC.
For all know where the finger points with cold finality.

So hear the drums, old man, and listen to them well,
They foretell of your end days and they have much to tell.
for he who sows the seeds of hate will reap the grapes of wrath,
so tremble in your bed at night, at the end of your sorry path

WOW.... amazing poetry. Thanks for sharing.

unfortunately, the old ears of evil will never hear nor heed the drums for being so filled with their own propaganda and believing their own bald-faced lies.

But, the distant drums of Truth and Justice beat ever-louder, and the blood of Able cries from the dust... names, dates, times, places, victims, witnesses, specifics, specifics, specifics, record, record, record. Can you hear the drums, young men... do you know what they mean... Run, you young thugs... there's nowhere to hide... bury yourselves in sack cloth and ashes... quickly, go and beg your victims' forgiveness... hurry... tend the wounds you opened... requite the horrors you wrought... soothe those you tormented... with haste rebuild the houses you torched... return the property you coveted and stole... or else, pray that a viper finds you before Truth and Justice coils around you to extract your very soul and feed it to the dung beetles as you watch.

Am utterly disgusted at the acts of these savages described in the story. I cant imagine a party that claims to be a leadership party would entertain such actions no matter the stakes! If an individual was surely of the opposite view, should he then be slain? these are not human beings to me but have been reduced to think as wildbeasts. The international community, and the security coucils normally pursue heads of states that have become dangerous to the wider commnunity, but surely at this rate it diserves to be called a genocide, coz thats exactly how its starts!If they attacked all that voted for the MDC for example!? Saddam Hussein was ousted and I think they must pursue Robert Mugabe too.
Thank you so much for the poem surely it sounds a good premonition! well I hope these perpetrators of evil will be seen facing the wrath they diserve soon. They must revisit the stories of slobodan milosevic ,Charles Taylor, ect coz thats thier calibre. I still have a prayer for Zimbabwe, that God will intervene and bring the whole madness to a end and let His justice take course, they say "the windmills of God grind exceedingly slowly but they grind exceedingly fine!"

Its long been said, the International Criminal Court would have no jurisdiction to bring Mugabe to justice, but the following article would have it otherwise.

Times Online
April 30, 2008

The International Criminal Court has every right to demand justice and

By Mark S Ellis
The author is executive director of the International Bar Association

The ICC was established in 2002 to end impunity for the most heinous crimes.
Because Zimbabwe has not recognised the court’s jurisdiction, the United
Nations Security Council can authorise the ICC to investigate crimes
committed by Mugabe and his regime. To do this, the UN Security Council need
determine only that crimes against humanity “appear to have been committed”
by Mugabe’s regime and that Zimbabwe’s crisis is a threat to regional peace
and security. These are not steep legal hurdles. The crisis is real and
evidence of Mugabe’s complicity is well-documented and overwhelming. The UN
Security Council used this same referral process to bring indictments
relating to the crimes committed in Darfur; the international precedent has
been set. As with Darfur, what is needed now in Zimbabwe is a collective
affirmation that justice is not expendable.

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