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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Is SADC about to speak at last?

Why Mugabe's neighbours may finally turn on their troublesome friend

The deafening silence emanating from the other nearby nations while the farce of the Zimbabwe election has developed may be about to break, with a meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, this Saturday of the members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in Zambia.

The call for the meeting came from the unlikely figure of the President of Zambia, Levy Mwanawasa. Mwanawasa is the current president of SADC, and shares a long border with Mugabe, including the spectacular Victoria Falls,

Traditionally, SADC members have supported Mugabe, often giving him standing ovations when he turns up at meetings. But many are now believed to have realised that his conduct reflects badly on them, on the international stage.

Others, including South Africa in particular, feel they cannnot continue to cope with the ever-increasing flood of refugees spilling over the border to escape the poverty and persecution that is a fact of ordinary life in Zimbabwe.

Up to now Mwanawasa, a large and ungainly figure who lacks charisma but has nevertheless led his country for nearly two presidential terms with relative success, is virtually the only SADC head of state to criticise Mugabe, when last year he described Zimbabwe as a "sinking Titanic".

Will more presidents take this opportunity on Saturday finally to utter some criticism of the Zimbabwe situation? That may entirely depend on one factor, and it is this:

Will Robert Mugabe himself turn up at the meeting? If he doesn't, there may be criticism of his regime implied, if not actually spoken. If he does, his presence as a dignified elder statesman and acknowledged hero of the struggle against colonialism, may be enough to silence the other leaders, even now.

Meanwhile the impasse in Zimbabwe itself continues, as the struggle for dominance between Zanu-PF and the opposition MDC is waged on a number of fronts.

Yesterday I was given the list of top Zimbabwe defence force officers who have been assigned to lead the Zanu-PF assault troops - war veterans, militias, and the youthful but ruthless Green Bombers - in the drive to intimidate voters in the event of a run-off poll for the presidency.

It numbers an incredible 200, with Colonels jostling with Brigadiers, Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, Major Generals, and even one rather lonely Squadron Leader. The multitude of ranks may look amusing. Their efforts, which have already resulted in recorded incidents of violence throughout the country, are not.

On a more peaceful front, the MDC have produced what they say is a faked document, purporting to emanate from their headquarters, and "signed" by Secretary-General Tendai Biti. The document talks of the successful bribery of ZEC officials and others at polling stations, and also of preparations for the swearing in of President Tsvangirai.

It says: "Our British friends have already taken the President, his wife and the rest of the first family through a crash course on ethics, etiquette and basic protocol."

Biti has denounced the document as a palpable fake, a product of the Zanu-PF dirty tricks department, designed to "steal our dignity".

The clearest sign of all that's it's bogus comes in the following lines: "Our international partners also continue to send us their assurances that they will guarantee our assumption of power, including with force of arms if need be."

This remark is beyond parody. Anyone who believes that the US cavalry or some other foreign force are going to come galloping over the horizon to our aid is sadly deluded.

Meanwhile, if you're still expecting the results of the presidential election to be announced, you will have to wait until Monday. Judge Tendai Uchena has postponed any decision until then, taking the weekend to deliberate on submissions by both the MDC and the ZEC.

I want to mention one other rumour that persists here in Harare. This says that, despite the military involvement in the countrywide violence, as revealed in the 200-strong list, see above, the top army brass are actually pursuing another agenda entirely.

It is thought that a group of heavyweight military commanders and politburo chiefs, led by the brooding figure of retired general Solomon Mujuru, have presented to Mugabe a plan for a temporary sharing of power in Zimbabwe, under a government of national unity.

The plan would entail Mugabe remaining president for six months, with Tsvangirai as vice president and Simba Makoni, the Zanu-PF rebel candidate, as prime minister. Eventually Tsvangirai would take over the top job, with Mugabe moving into graceful retirement.

Anyone know any more?


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Are you serious? What is there to discuss? It will all be hot air - SADC does not have the muscle to coerce let alone enforce anything, if it even gets as far as criticizing the election fiasco/theft. And if there are any disenters amongst the SADC lot, Mbeki as the major player will block it - because he insists that even now, things are 'manageable' and 'it is time to wait'.

i just cant wait to hear the preceedings of that meeting. i think the outcomes of the meeting will be a true reflection of the kind of leaders we have in africa, whether we have true Democrats or true hypocrats. its a shame to see how they have been quite yet the situation worsenning by day.

It now seems that the MDC won with more than 50% to avoid a run off, which is why they are refusing to release this information and desperately aiming for a rigged run off, after having altered the (secret) results.
And the Generals and senior Zanu are scared of retribution, trying to keep Mugabe in as protection.
Without Mugabe, the SADC have no "Liberation Hero" to protect politically and might do something to the military coup, now in place by all but name.
And for your information, the SADC have been making themselves look ridiculous to the world for seven years.
Esp. when they demanded that someone who wants to be "Hitler ten fold" should be invited to Europe, when the Europeans know from bitter experience that Hitler advocated the forced sterilisation of black people to make them die out.
If this is "an African solution to African problems" then the world has watched Africa make themselves loook like racist, corrupt blethering idiots who have made the Colonialists look good by killing more Black people then they did.
The west, and the general population in britain have lots of sympathy for Zim, but all the SADC and AU has done is put their back up by insulting them as racists when they try to donate food aid.
Mbeki has a lot to answer for when Mugabe finally goes and the EU can finally get in and help whilst SA is too busy beating up refugees in church.

So where is the long overdue revolution?

Is it criticism we are looking for, or action?

I ask who stands to lose and gain by supporting the situation in Zimbabwe? 1bn is on the table to support Zim. If Zim continues the way it is, where will that money go? If Zim recovers, who will lose out? Who will gain?

We treating this conflict as if it is hot air rather than a serious matter with winners and losers. Let's analyse widely and deeply.

This is what happens when the animals run the farm. Will the US learn from African history lessons? It doesn't look like it, grieved to say.

A Warning for America from South Africa

David Ben-Ariel (who commented above)... No one, regardless of their background, wants to hear a bitter old man like yourself rant on a web forum.

No, we dont want to read your blog. Perhaps you should go get a real job, stop spending your life on the internet, and keep your racist delusions to yourself!

Matt :)

i really dont think these guys will discuss anything profitable tomorrow. you should have seen mwanawasa when he was adressing the media yesterday! it was as if he was heavy loaded and depressed.! you are very rite moyo, these guys will fail to air their views in the presence of Mugabe, inspite of the problems that zim is facing these african learders kept giving Mugabe a heroic welcome and they made sure they give him a hot appluase after his speech. I THINK THE SADC GUYS WILL USE THE FORUM AS A WAKE UP CALL!

the SADC will ultimately do nothing in as far as the issue of Zimbabwe is concerned. What we are talking about here is a man called PRESIDENT ROBERT.G.MUGABE a man who left BUSH and BLAIR, the so called father gods of the world, with nothing to say at the UNITED NATIONS SUMMIT. So what about SADC. MUGABE is another man of different personality so beware

hatichadi zvaMugabe.Sekuru must just go and leave us in peace.Iye haanyariwo here,kana makaruza mudhara,mochidzokerao kumusha monovati 'vanhuwe Harare nyika yaramba zvemadisnyongoro angu nanaChinamasa'.

The SADC leaders will fold once Mugabe gets in front of them. Why won't they, just for once, stand up for the suffering people of Zimbabwe, rather than observe tradition and defer to the elder statesman, sorry, despot! It's all going to be a waste of time!

Reply to:

A Warning for America from South Africa

I read this racist rant by "Gemma Meyer" Too cowardly to use her real name.. The "Animals" are running the farm, she says. This is how SA whites for the most part think of blacks. As animals.

Fortunately, GOD is God of ALL, not white people only.

I live in Jamaica, and it was our Prime Minister, Michael Manley, who when the rest of the world was sleeping, took the message of Apartheid to the front lines...so now you (Gemma Meyer) are in the back seat, and the Africans you despised and tortured are in the drivers seat...since you didn't teach them to drive, you have only yourself to blame if there is an accident.

Hopefully, you Gemma Meyer will be the only casualty.

And get used to this: Your great grandchildren will be black!~Sorry, but your children's children will not be stupid enough to fight against the tide.

White people claim civilization - they robbed Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology from the Africans, the Greeks and the Egyptians -their architecture from the Moors- military strategy from the Chinese. Whites have mastered robbery and plagiarism as their main contribution to world history...Gemma you write in English, but long before your white ancestors could more than garble "ugh" Egyptians were writing cuneiform and the Chinese had well developed written and spoken languages...this is the beginning of the end for the white race and for many of the despised blacks, the end comes not a minute too soon.

ZIMBABWE, this is what happens when race hatred (on any side) takes over. You were so anti-white you allowed that Robber Mugabe to take land from whites to hand out to party faithfuls - again, since they had not learned to drive, they have made a mess of it.

INJUSTICE, no matter who practices it is WRONG! Now you understand that to simply repeat the evil of the WHITE representatives of SATAN, is not sufficient to bring happiness and prosperity.

White SA'cans and WHite ZIM'ans now understand why they cannot claim "superiority" after all, they had to run with their tails between their legs..but the BLACK RACE is a better race and should do BETTER.

WE SHOULD THINK MORE JUSTLY, BEHAVE MORE NOBLY..all the Western ideals of Love, Honor, etc. came from our cultures. Whites are pagan savages, wreaking havoc and slaughter wherever they go..a business suit does not disguise the savage beast within. It is this innate savagery of the white man that has enabled him to clean out Africa and India for his pleasure - we are not savages, we cannot resist the onslaught.

But the 21st Century is time for a new beginning. Begin by rejecting the savagery of white culture and paint your GODS black - Be just and do not rob white inheritors of their land - do not be like the Israelis who want to go back a thousand generations to claim land ( and dispossess the Palestinians) This is what Mugabe did, and he is just as wrong. Start in the NOW by forgiving the past and rejecting white culture as the norm. That is enough. Enforce cultural rules on all Zimbabwe residents. They may live in your country but must worship your GOD, follow your rules - otherwise go home.

The land grab was unjust - the farmers should have been paid the market price of their land, been reduced to leaseholders and allowed to remain on their property under the terms of a generous lease - a small percentage of gross earnings yearly - for anything from 30 - 100 years.

Re-write your laws to suit your culture, not some white man's vision of where a black man should be...

Don't steal a man's property, but limit the right of persons not born in Zimbabwe ( or persons born after a certain time) to own property in perpetuity - in other words, if your ancestors came to Zimbabwe from outside more than 300 years ago, then you are Zimbabwean - otherwise you cannot hold property except on 100 year leases - leaseholds.

This will give outsiders property rights and the ability to develop the economy with the land belonging to Zimbabwe anyway..what about that for ONE solution.

My other one- Ban Western Clothing - it is not SUPERIOR to African Clothing, and we dont show to our best in the white man's wool.

By the Way, MUGABE is not a GOD, so get rid of him right quick...

There is probably justification for all of what has been stated above but it is not all one sided. Much of what has been done in Africa, by various white imperialists, has been good. Much has not, but this applies equally to what has been done by ethnic Africans both to themselves and each other. Some of the worst attrocities have been executed on Africans by Africans and this should not be forgotten. It's better not to start throwing stones when you live in a greenhouse.

I think i would be racially prejudiced if I didn't confront racism no-matter what side it comes from. (note... i was the first to criticise David Ben-Ariel before)

So to Roy... (if that's even your real name)

No one, regardless of their background, wants to hear a bitter man like yourself rant on a web forum.

Perhaps you should go get a real job, stop spending your life on the internet, and keep your racist delusions to yourself!

Black racism is just as abhorrent as white racism. Your denunciation and ridicule of a culture different to yours is pathetic and inexcusable. This world doesn’t need any more people with bigoted attitudes like yours!



Roy has a difference of opinion - get used to it. Darfur is hardly the act of white imperialists. Bigotry is an open club.

South Africa should stop that supporting Mugabe. No other country has been more complicit to this evil regime.

Thank God for Zuma standing up to the table, the world should deal him more directly. That should irk Mbeki into action.

Hi Matt,
You seem to post quite a lot and with the same comments. I tried to be balanced and fair. Hardly bigotted I think. However, I've no intention of getting into a flaming match. The world has too many problems for that. Our problems will eventually have to be sorted out by us and perhaps this weekends meeting of the SADC will help to do that. We must hope so for all our sakes.

Faith McDonald - why do you use white man's 'English' language? You blacks should use your own squatter language without any written form. Blacks speak 'ugga bugga' and are from the stone age.

You said, "White people claim civilization - they robbed Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology from the Africans, the Greeks and the Egyptians -their architecture from the Moors- military strategy from the Chinese. Whites have mastered robbery and plagiarism as their main contribution to world history...Gemma you write in English, but long before your white ancestors could more than garble "ugh" Egyptians were writing cuneiform and the Chinese had well developed written and spoken languages...this is the beginning of the end for the white race and for many of the despised blacks, the end comes not a minute too soon".

The first 25 dynasties of Egypt were not Nubian at all but white and it is well documented. As soon as the Nubians finally overcame white rule very soon after the Persians invaded and kicked the darkies out. Egypt was never black, Bantu or Nubian but the salves were. The ruling Caucasian tribes needed the blacks to wipe their bums. Check out those 'white mummies' of Egypt with Caucasian DNA just like the mummies of the Tarim Basin in China - Caucasian royalty and creator of intelligence.

Maths, astrology and astonomy all comes from the ancient Greeks and to 15th century brain boxes like Nicolas Corpericus and Isaac Newton. Look at the Reformation and progress - all European. No chows or niggas there!!

Europe got all its architecture form the "Moors"?? The Moors ruled the south of Spain and boorowed heavily from Roman intelligence. Also the Moors weren't darkies but a mix of Caucasian and Arab blood. Loook at the Moroccans today? They don't look like Mugabe and the rock apes.

Some whites despise blacks 'cause blacks are dumb and impossible to educate.

White man invented the car, the phone, motorbike, ELECTRICITY, computer, internet, civil society, legal systems, parliament and Ipods.

What did the darkie invent?? Chaos, nepotism, AIDS, stubbornness, stoopidity and denial. I am so annoyed that the darkies are so stupid! I wish you guys could advance to the next step but your toes are stuck between the rocks. Get a move on rock apes!!

Give Africa back to its rightful owners - THE WHITES. Stop this nonsense that Africans are responsible human beings because they are not and need to be guided by the whitey. Mugabe will be dead soon and the whites will move back in soon or later then Zim will have an opportunity to be the bread basket of Africa instead of being a typical African basket case.

The social and economic experiment of African independence should end.

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