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Friday, 04 April 2008

Day of Days

Why this seventh day of the election will prove to be the most significant

Harare, Zimbabwe, Friday April 4, 8.0 am

Raids on the opposition headquarters, foreign journalists arrested, hundreds more riot police and paramilitaries on the streets of the city - all indications that today will prove to be a pivotal day for both this election and the whole future of Zimbabwe.

Two foreign journalists are understood to have been taken away by the authorities, including one from the New York Times. The rooms at the Melkies hotel used by the MDC were ransacked by police. The increased activity was generally seen as the start of a state crackdown as the prospect of a runoff vote for the Presidency increases by the hour.

Today the results of the Presidential election are due to be released at last. Neither of the two main candidates, Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC, are expected to gain the necessary over-50 per cent vote to win outright. Zanu-PF are promising that Mugabe will contest a runoff. Other rumours say that, having lost the parliamentary elections, he will accept final defeat and go.

Mugabe will chair a meeting of his party's politburo this morning.  when the final decision about a runoff will be taken.

This intense activity in public is mirrored by equally frantic endeavours behind closed doors, in particular behind the doors of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, where notorious governor Gideon Gono, the man many hold as responsible for the country's financial melt-down, seems to be in a state of panic.

My source within the bank says that Gono, who usually turns up for work at around ten in the morning, is now in his office by 7.30. There he and his staff are ransacking files that go back many years and cover many strange dealings for which he and other ministers have been responsible.

The files are loaded into cars, and rushed away. I am told that a big bonfire can be seen burning at the back of Gono's Glen Lorne house.

The Central Intelligence Organisation, Mugabe's dreaded secret police, have also had agents at the bank, snatching other files which were taken to KG6 army barracks. Many of these are believed to contain details of illegally imported motor vehicles.

In particular Gona is said to be keen to destroy files relating to Flatwater Investments, a company through which the governor himself is alleged to have purchased a Mercedes Benz, and which is believed to be involved in other doubtful deals.

My source within Zanu-PF said there was also anxiety in the party about destroying files relating a party hit squad called Department 53, used as an assassination tool to kill both opposition activists and troublesome members of its own party.

This overall need to remove evidence of past misdeeds is one reason why the government has delayed the announcement of the election results for so long. Today all that should finally come to an end.


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Reminiscent of Hitlers last days in his Berlin bunker. The question is will Mugabe also do the honourable act ?

I think RUN OFF is on the way and I don't like it, they are wasting resouces and everybody,s time, because MT won the 29th election without doubt

It's been a real roller coaster ride over the past few days. One moment I'm daring to hope that the end is in sight, then I remember that there have been false dawns before. I hope that sense finally prevails and that someone has the courage to persuade Bob to go. The alternative is too horrendous to consider. Good luck to you in Zim......I hope today will be the start of something great

What's wrong with the Zimbabwian population? There should have been a revolution by now and Mugabe, the Saviour of Zimabwe, sent to the Hague.

Dear Zimbabweans we all know what Mugabe is planning to ,to rig the election but this is a warning to all power hungry presidents -your end is soon coming even when you rule for 100 years.an example is the late Milton Obote former ugandan

There is no need of a revolt because of one person. We will have to force him out of state house without any riots. We do not want to creat anarchy and caous in Zimbabwe because it will be to his favour

African leaders strike me as a very starnge lot! why isnt there a feeling of honour and satisfaction everytime it becomes necessary to leave office? well all the same my urge is to all in Zimbabwe keep cool and continue in prayer, your days of deliverance have come! God bless Zimbabwe and all the best

As sit here I wonder how life will be without MUgabe. am I going to be Cape Town basking in the sun at one of those beaches with my family or am I going to have a salary that will make the future of my kid. Will I be able to tell the Batswana who abused my people so much to fuck off or am I going to tell Brightless Matonga to get off the road because the new Zimbabwe and us the new leaders would had taken over.
Will I be able to shake the hand of a policeman in comradeship. Will I be able to understand that the army is good because its protectimg me. Ah Sweet Zimbabwe. We have arrived. Our heads up always!!

I have been reading EVERYTHING i can on the news and Blogs over the last week, and I have NOT SEEN anything supporting ZANU-PF. Is this significant? EVERYONE says ZANU are FINISHED!!!

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