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December 2007

Friday, 28 December 2007

Get ready for a Zanu-PF meltdown

The People's Congress gave us a wobbly vision of unity in government - but already the cracks are widening again

I make no apologies for returning once more to the internicine struggle within Zanu-PF, because the persistent split within the governing party grows ever more bitter, and the tipping point, when the differences spill out into open warfare, could come at any time. At this moment of renewal, let us hope it comes soon.

Latest top party man to step out of line with President Mugabe is ageing vice-president Joseph Msika, who last weekend addressed a rally at Stanely Square in Makokoba, Bulawayo. The occasion was part of the nationwide Unity Day celebrations - an ironic title considering what Msika had to say.

Perhaps as a top man in the government that has led our country to squalid chaos and poverty, Msika's conscience is bothering him. Perhaps, with his retirement promised for next year, he doesn't care what he says any more. But a close examination of his comments only emphasises how much some of our senior leaders resent the twisted and devious rule of the President.

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Friday, 21 December 2007

Merry Christmas...if only!

Celebration, rejoicing, entertainment, good food and drink, parties, presents, family get-togethers... Where have they all gone?

I want today to wish all readers of this blog a merry Christmas, and if you're in Europe, or South Africa, or elsewhere, perhaps that's just what you are about to experience. A truly merry Christmas. But if you live with us, here in Zimbabwe, you will know that Christmas is a long-forgotten ceremony. Yes, December 25 will come and go, and this remains a largely Christian country. But the Christmas we knew in the old days no longer exists.

I can remember a Zimbabwean Christmas from my teenage years. I can remember the Christmas lights stretching through the Harare business centre. I can remember supermarkets and department stores bulging with goodies. I can remember new t-shirts for the guys, new dresses for the girls. I can remember preparing to travel to the country to be with family on the day, taking candy and biscuits.

All that has gone. And what are we left with? No-one can afford presents and there are none to buy. Children expect nothing. There are no cheerful Christmas commercials on television. There is...nothing.

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