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September 2007

Saturday, 29 September 2007

No fuel for an old fool

How a minister tried his best to solve the fuel crisis, was bitterly disappointed, and put his trousers back on.

This is extremely serious, so no giggling at the back of the blog, please. On this superbly written site, we take everyone, even chronic old hasbeens like Zimbabwe's state security minister Didymus Mutasa, seriously. Mind you, this week it's been a bit difficult.

Many of you will have seen the honourable Didymus on television the other day. Many of you will have found him and what he said amusing. Many of you will have fallen off your chairs and rolled around on the ground kicking your legs in the air and howling with laughter.

If you didn't, and you read on, you will.

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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Campaign clash

Zimbabwe's two main political organisations, the governing Zanu-PF party of Robert Mugabe, and the Movement for Democratic Change, led by Morgan Tsvangirai, both launch their 2008 Presidential Election campaigns this week.  In the same town. On the same day. In the same stadium.

Zanu-PF will hold its opening jamboree in the 10,000-seater Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo, from 8.0am to 1.0pm, this coming Saturday. Two hours later the MDC will kick off its campaign with a rally in the stadium from 3.0pm to 5.0pm.

Observers and local residents are describing this absurd conjuncture as a recipe for violence, murder and mayhem, forecasting clashes between the more extreme MDC activists and the hired Zanu-PF bullyboys.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

It's not cricket!

Zimbabwe's cricketer