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Monday, 06 August 2007

The sad queue for the kidney machine - part three

It seems that our vice-president Joyce Mujuru, sometimes spoken of as our possible next President, is a Moses Moyo reader. Last Wednesday she called a meeting of health ministry officials and hospital managers, to discuss the lack of kidney machines - and, according to my source, Joyce went ballistic!

She said: "My heart bleeds when I read (presumably on this blog) that people are suffering because there are no dialysis machines at Mpilo Central Hospital, when I know I donated some to that institution."

She was referring, of course, to the 54 machines, donated by the Swedish government, which three years later have still not been installed. "This is the sort of ineptitude we always have to complain about," stormed Joyce.

My source at the meeting tells me that the stumbling block remains the fact that no agreement for maintenance of the machines has been signed.

Meanwhile Joyce waxed eloquent. "There are some people I know personally who have died as a result of the problem," she told the meeting.

Joyce, we all know people personally who have died because of your government's ineptitude. And it's stupidity. And its cruelty. But thanks for reading us.

The sad queue for the kidney machine - part two


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I am pleased to note that Joice reads our man who has constantly exposed government. Keep it up Moses. But having come to expect nothing but the best on your site, I expected to read the latest on Mugabe's succession involving that Chinhoyi traditional healer on your site. It has become the talk of town, everyone wants to know what is happening to her. I read about it on zimdaily.com, but frankly I dont trust that site, i'd rather have it here on First Post, which my brother introduced me to. I hate the zimdaily.com site, got too much lies, lets hear it from you. Moses I challenge you to go onto the ground and get the real story on that traditional healer, I have referred this site to many of my colleagues, as you say, let them read about everything new in Zim on first post first!

It proves that government pays attention to what foreign media says even if they claim not to. Well let them listen to it, they should know whats coming to them. The story is good Tekere, damn good! I don't agree with Ike that the one on the Chinhoyi n'anga is the talk of town, but I have heard people murmuring something about that woman/man, who knows what sex it is. It would be nice though but I think you have much better stories to be pursuing Tekere. keep on keeping on brother, show the Mugabe sycophants what sucker punch you can deliver.

Its Moses Moyo, not Moses Tekere. Moses Tekere is the one in the Pius Ncube saga. Get it right Muchadeyi

Dear Rita.
We have noted that on 07/08/07 you posted a comment stating that Moses Tekere was involved in the Pius Ncube saga.We are correcting you its Ernest Tekere and nowhere related to Dr Moses Tekere who is The Director for Trades Center,Regal Printing Services,Nalcom Transport and currently he is also The Chief Advisor EPA at COMESA.You may find more about this good son of Zimbabwe under google type Dr Moses Tekere.

Regal Printing Services Pvt Ltd
Trades Center
Nalcom Investments

Hey guys have u heard anything on some publishers or activists who disapeared in Zim sometime in Feb this year. Heard they were abducted by CIO in Budiriro. I used to know one of them he was a preety good guy by the name of Canaan Gatsi or so my close friend says they were in Goromonzi maybe they will face a firing squad. I really dont know how they were discovered guess things are getting out of hand with abductions back at home.I keep on getting disappointed that even after the unity gvt there are still these things and these promising youngsters disapear into oblivion. Sorry guys wherever u are peace be with you you are or were brave.

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