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Monday, 06 August 2007

State house sex scandal rocks Bulawayo

A splendidly juicy sex-scandal, involving senior police officers, unofficial girl friends and boozy weekends at President Mugabe's official State House in Bulawayo, is currently the talk of the town.

It began tamely enough when junior police officer Desmond Sibanda, a guard at the State House, was arrested for dereliction of duty, and given two months hard labour.

Apparently Sibanda, 25, had got bored standing all night guarding an empty building. The State House, in the Suasetown suburb, is used by the President only once a year, during an international trade exhibition. But it remains fully staffed, and superbly furnished and equipped.

Perhaps outraged by such a waste of resources - or perhaps just wanting to make good personal use of them - Sibanda abandoned his guard post, and took to spending the evenings in the President's bed with his girlfriend.

Caught "in flagrante", Sibanda was taken to court, where he pleaded guilty - but then sensationally claimed that he was only following the example set by senior police officers.

"I know at least four senior officers who have smuggled their mistresses in, and turned the State House into some sort of brothel. I was just copying them," he told a hushed court.

He spoke of beer drinking, brais (barbecues), and lots of girls who were definitely not members of the police force.

Challenged to name the four officers, Sibanda grinned broadly, and pointed across the court at Supintendent Chanakira, who was visibly shaken by the accusation. He was immediately suspended for a month while enquiries get under way.

The other three senior officers? Whoever they are, and Sibanda knows, they must be shaking in their police boots.


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i'm a resident of the uk, and apparently my visa is about to expire, so not knowing if there is any chance for you guys to get in contact with president Mugabe if he can help me with his bank statements, to send it to the home office

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