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August 2007

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A baby born by torchlight

Maternity care in Zimbabwe - please provide cotton wool, water and candles

Thabo Ncube and his childhood sweetheart Stella married two years ago. I met them when they moved next door. They wanted a large family, so were delighted when Stella, 19, learned she was pregnant.

Last Saturday night, right on schedule, she began feeling labour pains. They both knew - or thought they knew - what they had to do. Stella put a few things together, while Thabo telephoned for an ambulance. And, perhaps surprisingly in today's Zimbabwe, the ambulance arrived promptly.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Mugabe acts - and an old lady suffers

Mugabe A new law aimed at stopping the resale of goods and food sent to people from abroad may mean starvation for a great-grandmother and her family of 13

Mrs. Silhle Moyo is 82. She is a dignified old lady who lives in the rural Filabusi area in Matabeleland South. A widow, she is bringing up 13 grandchilderen and great-grandchildren who have all been orphaned by the scourge of Aids.

She is someone Zimbabwe should be proud of. But instead one of her country's new laws means Mrs. Moyo and the children have lost their one source of income.

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Another day in Paradise

You can't fly, you can't phone, and you can't walk through waving fields of wheat either

I feel it is part of my duty to you, my readers, to keep you up to date with the facts of everyday life here in Zimbabwe, so here we go with three exciting new developments in Mugabeland which go to make it one of the most challenging counries in the world.

Air Zimbabwe - note I resist the urge to call it Scare Zimbabwe - has at last got its priorities right. And they don't include you, even if you've booked your seat, checked your luggage, and passed through security. Last Wedneday scores of travellers had got that far, and were waiting to board the Boeing for a scheduled flight to Singapore. And then - the aircraft was hijacked!

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