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Sunday, 11 January 2009


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So many possibilities abound even a third world war starting in the heart of Africa!!

Let reality be faced, it appears to be a tall story in an attempt to kick-start the Western worlds cash flow and decreasing interest in Zimbabwe but unfortunately due to the present economic climate it will fail.

It has been said, with the few exceptions of those countries situated north of the Sahara, the continent of Africa is dying.
Those African countries not propped by oil and large mineral deposits are dying at an accelerated pace and that includes Zimbabwe.

The people who bestowed a civilization on Zimbabwe and other Africa states providing food abundance, health care, law and order etc have long gone and never to return.

It will be the Chinese, not the Russians who will allow those who survive in Zimbabwe to teeter along at subsistence level while minerals are removed and the land cultivated in favour of China.


Interesting thoughts, RM.

I question whether the Chinese would allow such an arrangement with Russia... and chance not being able to see their own plan for Zim come to fruition. Russia and China are both on the same side of the coin, but they're not that close to each other in matters of trust... especially, where access to valuable natural resources is involved. Personally, I think Mugabe is simply frantic to explore all options that would allow him to extend his rape of Zim, and continue his hold to power to delay the fatal consequences of losing it.

Alex Henderson

I think this story is about as real as the "Botswana ready to invade" story. This is not the Cold War and Russia have absolutely nothing to gain from giving help to Mugabe.

Look at the case of China, they got so much bad publicity over the alleged arms shipment that they have sinced backed down from their previous open support for Mugabe.


If Mugabe thinks he will get anything other than a pat on the back from Russia then we can be sure senility has taken over his mind.

Russia is a huge huge country, covering 7 timezones and it is sparsely populated. They don't need anyone's mineral resources, and have the whole of Siberia to do whatever they like with. They simply dally with the likes of Mugabe to poke a finger in the eye of the US and EU.

China on the other hand whilst also a huge country geographically also has a huge population which has now come to expect the wealth and comfort of a western standard of living. That number of people cannot be sustained at that level from within its own borders. Much of China's supremacy in the world comes from its ability to manufacture goods at low cost and then selling it to the west and of course Africa. For that they need cheap raw materials.

Apply the same reasoning to India - which Mugabe has hesitated to court so far. India may be a democracy, but they are just as selfish when it comes to national interest as China, and India is quietly making its presence felt in many parts of the world - often with very dubious governments - Burma for example.

And what better place to get cheap raw materials than from corrupt countries where they can grease a few palms and get away with shoddy labour laws, unsafe work environments and financial 'short-cuts'?

Welcome to Africa.


Amazing, no comment from the large silent majority in Africa!

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