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Sunday, 02 November 2008


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Jamison Wiggins

Great story. Thanks for tracking it down.

Oh, and there is always reason for hope


I suspect the main reason for resignations and desertion within the police and military is due to the possibility of having to face future criminal prosecution.


It has distressed me for some time, following Zimbabwe's clusterfook from afar. It also distresses me to repeat what I've said - not a few times - that what is needed is a single sniper's bullet between old man Mugabe's eyes. As long as this tyrant lives, millions starve. And those who don't starve, cross the border into South Africa and destabilize that economy. Robert M. will release his grip on power only when it is pried from his cold dead hands. Mugabe is the cork in the bottle which prevents the removal of the wine-gone-bad. Everyone knows this, no one wants to speak of it.

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