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Sunday, 10 August 2008


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I hope the MDC are not unaware of the extraordinary amount of power they currently wield.

For the first time ever they have both Mugabe and Mbeki over a barrel instead of the other way round.

If Mbeki is under pressure that can only be a good thing and the only thing that can make it better is to put him under even more pressure whilst driving a public wedge between him and his pal Mugabe.

The MDC must realise that they are not negotiating themselves INTO power - they already have that! They are negotiating a face-saver OUT OF POWER for Mugabe and his cohorts whilst delicately managing the transition of the armed-forces from party political tool to national defence force. Ditto for the police.

Even this is not such a big deal - I don't believe for a moment that the rank and file of the army or police care who leads them, as long as they can have a well-paid career and take care of their families without having to butcher anyone else's. Its' the Mugabe loyalists at the top who need to be 'cleansed'.

Once again, the MDC hold all the cards and as the economy spirals ever-downwards time is on their side. The easiest way to put more pressure on Mbeki/Mugabe thugocracy is to play delay tactics. Go on a foreign fact-finding mission, take longer to study proposals than necessary, make proposals that ZANU-PF can't possibly accept etc etc.

All the while build up huge international pressure on Mugabe's comrade Mbeki so that he in turn pressure's Mugabe and henchmen to concede - simply to save his own skin.

I used to say "If you want to do something right, kill Mbeki before you start". Now I say "If you want to **** Mugabe, **** Mbeki first".


Mugabe and Chihuri are the first victims of the Gnu.and Gono will be the second victim follwed Msika.
Commander of the zimbabwe army V Sibanda will be the first serving member of the current government to benefit from the Gnu

Andrew Bond

So, Mugabe thinks he; struck a deal by co-opting the treasonous Mutambara. Mutabamara has done what many Zimbabweans in the Mugabe era have done: sold out principles for money and a bit of survival power. Zanu PF will be thiniking they have again cleverly sidestepped the crisis and can now govern with legitimacy. Wrong. Zanu PF's real enemy is themselves, they will bring themselves down eventually through sheer economic strangulation of their own country. These talks are either a farce or Mbeki is still incredibly nive to believe after all these years that Mugabe has any sincerity in ceding power for the good of Zimbabweans, he doesn't give a damn about Zimbabwe. Tough that it may be on the country, it seems the only way you are going to get rid of Mugabe's Zimbabwe is to let it self destruct. Tsvangarai must know that and probably entered into the talks out of obligation. It's now just a waiting game, and when these talks fail to secure a true GNU the pressure on Mbeki, the UNSC and ultimately Mugabe should be ratchetd up more and more.


Hopefully mugabe will go, dictators are no longer wanted.

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