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Wednesday, 25 June 2008


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Another interesting piece, clearly showing the ANC 'criticizing Mugabe and ZANU-PF, but in the same breath maintaining his alleged 'hero' status by adding more distance to the Africa/UN/West split.

However it is interesting that they claim that “any attempts by outside players to impose regime change will merely deepen the crisis.”, and then further down they contradict this by calling on the international communities "never to allow Mugabe to set foot in their countries.”

Cpt Vince

Brigadier Marufu has been in the service for more than 25 years. He was in the Zimbabwean Army captured by the Rwandan Force in 1998. The red cross secure his freedom from Rwanda but Brigadier Marufu Known as Muhondo refused to go back to Zimbabwe.With the help of his new found friends he went to Uganda where he was joinned by his family, from Zim.
He has been travelling to Congo Mozambique Rsa gathering all the fomer Zim servicemen not for war but to form an association.In 2003 The Association formed and registered.
AIM OF THE ASSOCIATION: To offer imotional support to the former soldiers, to help the disadvantaged people in a new zimbabwe, to stop any form of abuse to the citizen of the country. to counter protect the government of the will of the people.
We will work with everyone who loves and care for the people.
Our recruitment, Everyone of 20-42 years of age. we dont train people to be soldiers, but we offer what we call Ist Response in self-guarding (RSG) or Crowed Management courses (CMC).

To Contact Us
It will be strictly by text messages.
Representatives are in Mocambique, Zambia, Rwanda, Rsa and Botswana.

Captain Vince (chidhoma


Thanks a lot for this letter...I have been searching for it everywhere. Its an exclusive and your blog has again led with the story...thank you.

Can you check on what is now happening within Zanu PF..I need to understand where Mujuru (the VP and husband) really stand now


I know where I'd like to see them standing ........ it involves a blindfold and a last cigarette.

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