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Monday, 16 June 2008


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Byron Myers

Why am I not surprised? His troops were accused of pulling the IVs out of babies in incubators when he was battling to rule what was then Rhodesia. Now tell me what purpose that served.


Ah, now here's the courage I remember from Mugabe's men ..... attacking defenceless targets. All that remains now is for a gloating and grinning Uncle Bob to show his face harping on about how the children he stole from weren't children at all, but highly trained imperialit and collonial stormtroopers intent on bringing Zimbabwe back under their boots.


Children now, what next, little old ladies?


Mugabe is now known as 'BeezleBob'.
If the stolen goods are American property then why can't the Americans invade to recover their property?
Rob Mugabe before he robs you!


Sad what is happening in Zimbabwe....I feel for my people.


Sad what is happening in Zimbabwe....I feel for my people.


It is just unfortunate that it's taking actions that are seen as being against international agencies to get people to see the problem clearly that has been going on for far longer than the 28 years that Mugabe has been in power.

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