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Wednesday, 11 June 2008


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R Macleod

A quote from the Daily Telegraph uk.

A senior source confirmed that a meeting took place last week. Tendai Biti, the MDC's secretary-general, represented Morgan Tsvangirai's wing of the party.
Two members of Mr Mugabe's cabinet, Patrick Chinamasa, the justice minister, and Nicholas Goche, the social welfare minister, represented Zanu-PF.
The gathering is believed to have taken place in South Africa's capital, Pretoria. The source said it was a continuation of the dialogue mediated by President Thabo Mbeki, which the MDC had previously described as "dead".

Another government of national unity? is Tsvangirai going to follow in the same footsteps as Nkomo ?


Why the pretense? Why the charade? For what perverse purpose does Zanu-PF parade as a player in democracy?

So, RM, exactly what would a "unity government" buy Zimbabwe? Is Tsvangirai simply trying to save face, or buy himself a piece of the pie? It sure won't bring democracy to Zimbabwe.


Clive, my last comment was not without irony. Nkomo joined a so called government of unity but thereafter Mugabe had between twenty and thirty thousand of Nkomo's followers (Ndebele) slaughtered by his fifth brigade.
If he joins up with Zanu PF, Tsvangarai and his followers will most likely suffer the same fate.


Whatever we hope to be the outcome of this 27th June election, there is one thing certain... Mugabe is going, gone. Let it take however long , the dog is history.

For the impatient, the solution is the GUN. You need it because that is what he has only on his side, not the people. Someone has to shoot him!

For the patient, the dog is making its last wail. You saw it at the last Food Summit! Just give it your best on 27 June and then wait.. . wait.


yes, i agree with josh.

dictators must be shot because that is what they understand.

zimbabweans need someone to fund/provide guns . thats all. anything else is a waste of time.

i believe there are enough youths , angry enough to liberate themselves!


While I agree that the sooner Mugabe is gone, the better, I can't support handing youths guns and telling them to shoot the president, as evil as he is. There has got to be a nonviolent way to solve this. Civil disobedience probably won't work, partly because Mugabe won't care, and partly because I doubt the starving Zimbabweans want to boycott food. The international community, however, can do something. If enough pressure is put on Mugabe, maybe something will change. I doubt he'll get up and leave, but maybe some members of ZANU-PF won't quite so radical? I don't know. I just wish I could do something to help.


Mugabe won the election 28 years ago, all this is meaningless window dressing, as my former headmaster said of African politics, one man, one vote, once! I'm increasingly skeptical that we will see any regime change this year, the rule of law collapsed in this country ages ago and looking at the Burma example Mugabe and his generals can do as they please, knowing they can get away with it indefinitely.

I'm now of the belief that only a public uprising and bloodshed will prompt action from SADC - the only organisation with any real influence in this crisis, to act (act by shutting off power supplies etc). At the rate things are going the economy is likely to totally collapse within weeks or months but sadly the more that happens the more the generals profiteer and cement their grip through wealth influence.

Two years ago we looked at Zimbabwe and wondered if it could get any worse, but it has and there seems to be no depths of unprecedented implosion Mugabe is willing to take his country to, rather than admit defeat.

Sadly, there is one man who could make a meaningful change, Mbeki, but he's turned out to be just as bad as Mugabe at having callous judgement.

This saga is going to drag on a re-write the history books, much like Rwanda, Somalia, Amin's rule, Sierra Leone etc etc etc...poor old Africa, it's its own worst enemy.


Caety, I admire your interest, and envy your innocence. It would be ever so nice if all the Kim Jong-Ill's, Burma generals, and Mugabe's of the world could be removed from power by being kind to them. But, trying to negotiate with insanity is pretty much like trying to pet a croc.

War is a mean, ugly thing... a thing to be detested and avoided when possible. Civil war is even worse because a country can literally destroy itself with brother fighting brother.

But, there are instances where a people face enough hunger, oppression, abuse, brutality, maiming, and murder, and desire freedom enough, they are given no alternative but to take up arms to defend themselves and their families... not for power, not even for political freedom... but just to be able to have a livelihood and live their lives with dignity.

Let's pray it won't come to that, but if it does, Mugabe and his Zanu-PF will have brought the consequences upon themselves.

Caety, you say you wish you could help. You can. First is to pray for the Zim people. Second, your report is a start. Keep at it. Keep researching and studying and publishing your papers. Make people aware of the plight of Zimbabwe. Write so that people realize the freedoms they enjoy... and remind them to think of those who struggled and those who died to insure those freedoms.


I know my view is naive; I've always been an optimist. I'm planning on having my girl scout Gold Award center around helping Zimbabwe in some way. I have no idea right now what I'll do, but even with Mugabe still in power, there's got to be a way to help the Zimbabweans. And while my report on Zimbabwe was just for school, I do love to write and might be able to use that skill. It's just frustrating that the US is spending so much time in countries that are in much better states than Zimbabwe.

Stephen schutzman


mtvU, MTV Networks' college channel, developed the enclosed Public Service Announcement to help raise awareness of the crisis in Zimbabwe as the country approaches a run off vote on June 27th. We hope to mobilize our audience to take action by signing a petition urging leaders to use their power to help stop the violence in Zimbabwe and ensure a free and fair election. Please post the video within your blog to spread the word further and ensure a conversation is occurring around this important issue.


Thank you.

Please contact us with any questions, thoughts or comments you have on Democracy in Zimbabwe

Noopur Agarwal / noopur.agarwal@mtvstaff.com
Stephen Schutzman / Stephen.schutzman@mtvstaff.com



it is so said no one can do nothing.i was always told you don't fight bad with bad but how long do they have to go threw this.This will be sad to go in the history books.one day he have to leave he is a very old man and hope his young wifegives him a heart attack. that will maybe solve the issue.he left his first wife that was very sick to be married to a young one isn't that something.poor him he needs a life how can you make someone vote for you. this world is ugly

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