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Friday, 15 February 2008


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max ngwenya

If Makoni did not anticipate this then he is in the wrong race! Coming from within (ZANU-PF), he should have expected it: he is not naive! These dirty tactics have been employed before and they are known to all, even me! In fact, it is the fear of these that keep us suppressed. Now that we have a man prepared to challenge the devil all we need to do is support him. Surely thats not asking too much of nation in such distress as ours!


I think Makoni knows what he is doing.He has more experience on these RDWK and will be able to handle it.What I perceive is the guys who are send to do that RDWK are part of Makoni's project so this time we will laugh. There is no trust in ZANU PF and this should worry the Zim1 so much and make us the pvo laugh and smile while ivo vachiurayana zvavo. This year tichaonerera.

J. Makombe Bukutu

The "discredited dictator" is in a panic mode. He can never fathom himself not being Zim 1 (imagine!) Whatever, happens, even if they steal this election things are not going to be the same after the elections. What Makoni and Morgan should do is to force the Evil One to steal the election. It has to be so patently clear to anyone that the Old Evil is a Thief! The people of Zimbabwe would have to tell him that enough is enough. How can the whole country suffer because of one Old Rag that has stuck itself to our backs? How did we allow this to happen?

Makoni has opened the way. We have to find the courage to rise and craft our own Zimbabwe of the future. We have formed an organisation known as the Great Zimbabwe Society, that has to start now to prepare for capturing power after all this dreaded mess is swept away. If you interested in rebuilding Zimbabwe and restore it as the centre of power, economic prowess, state building, like the Empire of old, watch this space and other fora. We need all the people who are ready to put their shouders to wheel, the academia, business people, politicians, lawyers, students, farmers, solders and everyone who can contribute. We have to capture power in all sense, political, economic and social.

Bryce Curry

OK – I’m confused. And I suspect I’m not the only one!

On the one hand you said in your earlier blog ‘The men behind Makoni’ that the following are among his cohort: Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri, Army Commander Valerio Sibanda, Airforce Commander Perence Shiri, CIO spy agency boss Happyton Bonyongwe, and retired Defence Forces Commander Vitalis Zvinavashe.

If this is true, the Simba Express is indeed starting to look and feel like an alternative gravy train for ZANU’s desperados. And he does not get my vote.

Yet now you claim that the fragrant Happyton is in Zim1’s camp, and that his boys are about to make life tough for the Great Contender.

Please throw some light on this apparent inconsistency. Do we actually KNOW yet that any of the creatures you named earlier have crawled into Simba’s bed?

And if any of your readers would like to join the discussions at the Facebook group called Debate Zimbabwe, that would also be much welcomed.


Moses Moyo

Bruce you will know that all the names I mentioned are indeed behind Makoni but YOU MUST RECKON THAT these guys have a weird masterplan that is even puzzling us. Bonyongwe needs to appear relevant to Mugabe while doing a service for Makoni. He needs to be in the system to do that. And very soon you will see the story taking an interesting twist. But my fear like yours is that these people are like Plebians and are moving with wind. Its possible that these people who the Makoni camp tell us secretly are with them might actually run to Mugabe as usual when the old man waves his fist at them.

Is He a Hero or a Villain?

Why is he really doing this? Because if he doesn't then Zanu PF is stuck with Mugabe till he turns 92!


More commentry here


Make no mistake if or when Makoni takes over from Mugabe he will remain a member of the ruling Mafia gang in Zimbabwe and therefore in the end just as corrupt. His present boldness indicates he has either already done a deal with Mugabe or he has a very powerful backer, which would probably be the United States of America.


Guys how on earth can we sit and watch our life be shattred be this shameless dictator its high time we stand for lives lets give makoni all the the support he needs to remove this life dictator


Guys how on earth can we sit and watch our life be shattred be this shameless dictator its high time we stand for lives lets give makoni all the the support he needs to remove this life dictator

Harare Resident

We hear of Zim 1 & RDWK etc but can you believe we have a goonish, stupid uneducated police force that are on standby to beat and arrest people trying to make things better whilst those same policemens' families are also starving and their parents in thbe rural areas are being beaten by other policemen???? How proud we should be of these people. Whilst they are beating us up in town, we should be petrol bombing their houses next door to us in Mabvuku etc. I'm sure if we did that a few times, they will soon leave us alone to fix this disgusting problem once and for all. It took 24 hours to get rid of Molosovitch so where are our balls?

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